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Hello, can you believe it’s almost August? Summer has come this year. You may not have read this at all because you are already on vacation. continue. I’m going to Greece soon.

But if you’re reading this, I’ve received a lot of nice emails from you. Keep up with my tips I’ve learned from breaking my path around the world over the last 40 years.So here is Part 3 (and Here are the links to the first two parts If you miss them).

Last week I advised you Do not take a package tour, You can do the same trip yourself and never have to put your suitcase outside the hotel door at 6am. It will be sent to a gift shop that will receive a kickback before the company closes. You are forced to interact with the people who actually live there, but many of them don’t even speak English (even if you’re in England, they’re words like trucks, trucks, elevators, lifts, etc. Use).

And no, you don’t have to just stumble on ignorance in a country where you don’t speak a language, unless you want to. Or you are drunk. I can’t help you. Well, maybe I want to, but I’m not there. Believe me, even though none of us speak the two official languages ​​Arabic or French, we traveled and exploded in Morocco ourselves. This is our way:

First, I found a hotel. Well, this has to be searched online, but it’s worth it. If you’re lazy like me, you can do it from an armchair. As a starting point, you need to check the dates you choose and make sure they don’t show up in the middle of a festival or holiday where everything goes crazy or closes. Unless you want it. We recommend the Bass Music Festival. Then read a little and decide where to go. Unless you already know that you will be visiting the second cousin of your husband’s great-grandmother, who was once taken away in the old country. You can read as many books as you have time by simply searching online for “what to do in Morocco”.

Or you can cheat and see some package tours to (here your country). There, they will probably take customers to some of the top spots for tourists and get a kickback at the gift shop.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, check out some of the hotel’s booking engines and read reviews from past guests. Booking.com It’s good because I only post reviews from people who actually stayed there. There are no fake reviews. You can also filter the results.

Current, Because i’m gingin, I’m always looking for facilities to serve people with disabilities, but you can also filter beaches, air conditioning, kitchens and more. TripAdvisor.com Is another valuable resource where you can read lots of reviews of different types of accommodation and view photos. The downside of TripAdvisor is that anyone can leave a review, which allows them to be manipulated by fake reviews. So don’t forget that when browsing. Another drawback is that recently the site has been heavily biased towards the hotels with which the company is affiliated, which can make finding other hotels a bit more difficult. But I believe in you. You can do it.

Once you’ve chosen a hotel, don’t book it yet. Find the actual website of the hotel. Sometimes you have to be fooled a little online, but you can do it. Email the hotel directly or call if possible and ask any questions. For example, do you have a large unpromoted family room? They often do so. Is there a room without stairs? etc. Booking directly may result in lower hotel rates, but in other cases it may not.

For travel booking agencies like Booking.com also Hotels.com Ask the hotel if it fits it as it offers a cheaper price. Hotels have to pay for these booking services, so it is in the best interest to be able to book directly at the same price. The advantage of this is that you are dealing directly with the supplier rather than having an intermediary. Moreover, in my experience, you usually get a better room.If you book through a discount store like Hotwire also Price line, You may end up with a room on top of the dumplings. You won’t like this. The garbage truck arrives at 6 am with a joyful sound. Ask me how I know this.

I found a cute guesthouse, Marisa’s room, (parosmarisarooms.grOriginally on Booking.com, I’m staying on Paros, Greece. Then I found her website and asked if it matched the price I found on Booking.com. This was a little cheaper than her website. She agreed, so I booked her directly by email. Since then, I’ve been chatting online. By booking with her, SMEs can not only protect all their money from our visits, but also be confident that I will get a room on the ground floor. I’m too thin to climb the stairs.

If you find a guesthouse, get a private guide. Next time, I will explain how to do it.

I love staying in a guesthouse, so please let me know if you want to know more. Also, do you need to keep these tips? Or do you want me to write about something else?You can send me an email mfisher@scng.com

And let’s get out there!

How to find a hotel that you will love – Press Enterprise Source link How to find a hotel that you will love – Press Enterprise

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