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Let’s start with the state website, myturn.ca.gov.. The Ministry of Health is rationalizing it. It abandons the “registration and eligibility” step. Instead, start with the Find Appointment option.

But actually finding an appointment is not as easy as it sounds.

The state states that what you see on MyTurn depends on what your provider sends. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that you can find other available sites and appointments.

So where do you dig?

Check the health center

First, check with your county health center. Also, check other counties if you wish to travel. They may have information about large doses of vaccination sites. This is one of the easiest ways to be shot. Sometimes there are no appointments or waits.

That’s what I did. I drove to Bakersfield as the mass vaccination site in Bakersfield opened early eligibility to all ages and counties. I went in and out within an hour. (We can discuss the 8-hour drive later.)

A recent search of the Santa Clara County website near my house found a lot of empty slots in Gilroy. I didn’t see those appointments on the state website. Therefore, it may be important to check with the health center.

Try the pharmacy too

You can also search the pharmacy website. They are also getting more doses and adding new appointments.

“Our goal is to be in every store,” said Lisa Caladian of CVS.

She described the CVS process. The federal government sends a CVS supply notice.

CVS applies what is called the Social Vulnerability Index. Select a location and update your booking system.

Kalajian says CVS does it on a regular basis. However, there is a maximum schedule every night, usually around 1am. People get them quickly, so you have to stay up late or get up early to get one.

“We absolutely encourage everyone to check regularly and not be defeated or feel like they have no vaccine left,” said Caladian.

Walgreens said he would update his inventory weekly, but he didn’t tell me for a few days.

Don’t just expect to walk

One of the messages we heard loudly and clearly is that pharmacies rarely accept walk-ins.

“In fact, we don’t allow anyone to enter the store,” said Karajian. “We encourage people not to do so.”

Reservations are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine at a chain pharmacy.

That said, call your local pharmacy. Ask if you have a local “standby list” for no-shows and the rest of the vaccine. Many are. It’s not very noticeable, but if you’re lucky, it may look faster. This strategy worked for Arlen Fernandez, a colleague of Telemundo 48 Responde.

“It was worth my time,” she said. “Try what I did,” she recommended.

If you have been vaccinated with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, you will need a second vaccination a few weeks later. The clinic must write a qualified date on the back of the vaccine record card. As more and more people are participating in those ranks, ask the nurse at your first appointment to set and confirm your second appointment for you.

Book shot number 2 Shot numbered 1

If you need to book yourself online or by phone, don’t wait.

Kaiser has a lot of vaccinations. But lately, I haven’t received a call since 2:00 pm due to lack of reservations. Therefore, it is advisable to call every day. And ideally early in the day.

NOTE: If you travel a long distance to get a shot, you don’t necessarily have to return to the same location for Shot 2. They booked my second shot for Santa Clara, even though I took the first shot at Bakersfield. All I had to do was ask. It took 45 minutes on the phone, which is much shorter than an 8-hour round-trip drive.

How to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment – NBC Bay Area Source link How to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment – NBC Bay Area

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