How to Convert Subscribers into Customers?

There are many factors you need to consider when creating a profile on social media like YouTube for your business.Proper creation tactics Fighting for every 1000 YouTube subscribers should be combined with predicting how many subscribers will be your customers. It’s difficult to predict this number accurately, but fortunately there are ways to increase your chances in that area. Fortunately, I found this article. This article describes how to turn a YouTube subscriber into a real buyer.

Increase the number of subscribers

To increase the percentage of subscribers to your customers, you generally need to look for more subscribers. This naturally increases the percentage of people who are immediately interested in your product. Here are five efficient ways to get more subscribers on YouTube:

Consistent upload.. Social media users prefer to see new content on a regular basis. Scheduling tights will give you a stronger online presence, more views and likes, which will give you a higher ranking. The ultimate goal is to produce content 2-3 times a week, but if you don’t have much time and resources, a weekly video is also a good choice.

Create a trailer for your channel.. trailer It’s basically a video that summarizes the types of content here. It will appear on the main page of the channel and will usually start automatically. This is not a required feature, so you can change this setting to your liking. The trailer should include the sneak peak of the best video you uploaded. Yes – it’s not a short presentation of your product. This is your channel’s presentation, greeting card, so make sure it’s not too “bad”.

Increase engagement.. This is one of the important activities to attract more subscribers to YouTube channels. Communication and interaction with the viewer increases the viewer’s loyalty and interest in the product. Therefore, host contests and lotteries, play games, and keep small stories and discussions about the product, but at least about the industry you occupy. All the senses are to connect with your audience and win their tastes. In times of intense competition in most niches, ties with your potential customers are essential to your sales.

Know your audience..

Again, the competition is fierce and you need to research who your target audience is. And while this is a deeper study than their average age, gender, and profession, these basics are very important. To create winning content, you need to find out what your target group wants to see on social media. What are their tastes? What trends are they following and which influencers are in the spotlight? What are the memes they laugh at? Which length of the video is preferable for them? And many other similar questions.Explore the problem deeper YouTube trend page, And you will get the basic formula for your content. Don’t forget to update your knowledge as new trends come and go rapidly on social platforms.

I think it’s creative.. Today’s competition applies the need for more effort in promotion, not just introducing your product. To impress and motivate viewers to subscribe, you need to provide them with something unique. First, we need to broaden the scope of the topic. Take your followers behind the scenes or look for unusual artistic ideas in your content. Your goal here is to get the viewer’s attention and make them want to track your video.People love to be high quality, educational, witty and original content, So here are many possibilities for you.

These are tips for increasing the number of subscribers to your channel. Once this task is complete, it’s time to think about how to actually convert them to paid customers. You can bring in new deals with previous points, but it’s not enough to attract users to your channel. Your job is to motivate them to buy.

You cannot sell products directly on YouTube. Therefore, you have to push your subscribers to visit your site and buy something. In other words, you have to get traffic from YouTube to your website with the potential to buy your product.

Providing easy access to your website

Link anywhere you can. However, think subtly about that point. There are many opportunities to publish links without the user’s eyes.

  • Use the instructions below the video to connect content topics to products on your site.
  • Place the link on the end screen
  • If your website links are too large, use the link shortening feature. Short links are more appealing to the user’s eyes because they look more accurate in context.
  • Add a link to your website to your brand design, such as your channel’s main page and channel cover image.

Propose an exclusive offer

One way to get people to visit your site for a purchase is to give them a specific reason to do it. Bribe your subscribers with a special promo code that offers great discounts. Setting a time limit will speed up the purchasing process. Of course, some people ignore this opportunity, but given that their promotional strategy targets the right target audience, many are willing to take advantage of your discount.

Use influencer marketing strategies

One of the best promotional features available on social media is the power of influencer marketing. You can promote your product with the help of a popular media personality who already has an established audience and can influence people in their opinion.

Your clue as a YouTube business owner is to find influencers who are strong enough to match your target group and make a difference.

Also, take care of certain influencers for a while before contacting them on YouTube. See how they interact with subscribers, the amount of reaction they get, and what advertising operations they use in their promotional transactions.

Collect user-generated content and use it for promotion

Along with influencers who can also direct users to your website, you can encourage subscribers to buy your product when you publish actual feedback from buyers. For example, you can offer your customers to share their feedback in photos and videos (for example, popular unpacking formats) in exchange for discounts on their next purchase or special offers from their partners. It can be a contest or you can show your creativity to your users. The goal here is to publish as much genuine “non-promotional” content as possible so that potential clients can see your product dynamically.


Turning a subscriber into a paid customer begins with getting a subscriber on your channel. An important factor in doing so is not only to imply the most thoughtful and proven strategy for promotion, but also to mean the highest quality content that attracts users by its very presence. We also monitor YouTube trends and popular influencers who can be of great help to your promotion due to personal influence. Also, be prepared for continuous analysis and quick adjustments.

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