How to buy and send bitcoin instantly

While crypto currencies and the blockchain technology have been around for a number of years already, concerns are still swarming around every aspect of this new phenomenon. The enthusiastic audience, however, is no less bustling, and ever more people express interest in joining the market. Of course, there is much more to the blockchain technology than crypto settlements, and a great number of different coins is available on the market, but it is natural for a person to start with something they have already heard of, something widely spoken of. In the crypto world, the most iconic entity like that is, undoubtedly, bitcoin. This makes bitcoin the first object of interest for those having decided to venture into the crypto market, and they usually want to get their hands on some right away. Hence, one of the most popular questions asked all over the Internet is where can I buy and send bitcoin instantly – just what one needs to start acquainting oneself with the basics.

There can be other situations, of course, when one would favour the speed of a transaction above everything else. Those engaged in trading know the importance of being able to react swiftly to trend changes, especially when one deals with the more volatile assets. Fast conversion can also be the answer when one requires urgent transition of savings kept as less liquid assets. As the range of application for crypto currencies expands, greater demand is going to arise for opportunities to buy bitcoin instantly, and ever more people are bound to become involved.

It is quite possible to buy bitcoin online instantly, but if this is your first crypto experience, there are steps to be taken first. You will need something to store your bitcoins in, and that’s just what it is – a wallet. It could be a software tool, or a tangible piece of hardware. If you do not have one, please feel free to check out our resource for advice in which type of wallet to choose, what does “hot” and “cold” storage mean and many other useful crypto tips. If you already have a specific crypto exchange platform in mind, however, remember that some of these offer integrated wallets as well.

Now, as soon as you have one, you can proceed to buying. The most obvious (and, as of today, just about the only) way how to instantly buy bitcoin is to use one of the many crypto exchanges available online. Decide whether you need a lightning-fast purchase without having to undergo the sign-up procedure (should this be the case, see our article on buying crypto without registration), or are willing to spend some time dealing with the registration process in order to transact freely at a later stage. With that in mind, start choosing the crypto exchange platform. This can be a lengthy process, in fact, as there is a number of factors to be taken into consideration, such as fees, security, ease of use, number of offers, payment methods, available crypto coins, extra features and so on. Ideally, you should choose a platform like Wundertrading, which would combine several or all of these advantages.

As regards transaction speed, most crypto exchange platforms optimise their performance to process transactions as fast as possible. You can usually find the anticipated transaction time in the datasheets or FAQ sections of these exchanges. A delay may occur if the mechanism requires the seller to provide a repeated confirmation of the offer. Posting your own purchase offer is hardly an option here if you want maximum speed, as sellers may take time to react – unless you offer a very lucrative deal, of course.

The next factor affecting the purchase speed is your chosen payment method. In most cases, you can in fact buy bitcoin with credit card instantly or near-instantly, as payment cards are one of the fastest conventional payment methods available today. Be advised, however, that processing fees can be much greater with payment cards than with other methods. Besides, if this is in fact a credit card, and not a prepaid debit one, you should count the bank’s commissions for the use of funds towards your overall expenses, which can reduce your overall expected profit in case you decide to go trading. Other methods can be less costly, but somewhat slower: international SEPA bank transfers can take about a day to arrive, whereas banks outside your specific financial area may require a longer time and charge larger fees. Payment systems such as PayPal are yet another option, but these, once again, are subject to commissions. Apart from that, experienced PayPal users may have noticed that sometimes transactions are kept pending for over a week, even though other payments between the same persons occur instantaneously.

Last but not least, you can buy bitcoin instantly using a crypto ATM – if you do have one in the vicinity, of course. Take a look at our article on crypto ATM usage, if you have no previous experience with these machines.

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