How To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs At The Laundromat Or Dry Cleaners

Bed bugs are very small, barely visible to the naked eye. They are also very good at hiding. That’s why they spread between buildings so efficiently. You don’t know you are bringing them into your home until after the deed has been done!

Most people are aware of the need to be careful when staying in a hotel, after all, it’s easy for a bed bug to get into your luggage and come home with you.

However, have you ever considered the laundromat or dry cleaners? Your washing may be mixed with others or be placed in the same machine as someone else’s just was. 

It is worth noting that twenty minutes on high in the dryer kills bed bugs. Anything else, including the standard wash cycle, doesn’t have the same effect.

You need to be careful when visiting the laundromat or dry cleaners.

Look For Certification

The first thing you should look for before you leave your washing is whether the facility has any certificates, specifically from a local pest control company. The certificate will show when the premises was last visited and when it will be again. 

Having a certificate doesn’t guarantee there won’t be bed bugs. But, it does confirm that the business takes things seriously and that’s a good thing. 

If you do have any concerns with bed bugs at the laundromat or even at home, check over here for the closest and best pest control specialist.

Avoid Surface Contact

The secret to avoiding bedbugs in the laundromat is to avoid surface contact. That means you open the machine and put your items in. The bag you brought the washing in doesn’t need to touch the floor or any surface. 

If you use a cloth bag it’s even easier because you can add this to the wash and dry to help ensure there are no bed bugs.

Always Dry

As mentioned, bed bugs can survive a wash but they can’t survive a twenty-minute drying cycle. That means whenever you visit the laundromat, add a drying cycle to your load. It kills bed bugs and takes the stress out of dealing with them at home.

Don’t Fold

If you fold your washing you are going to need to put it and your bag down to do the job properly. This opens up the opportunity of bed bugs getting onto it. Instead, skip the folding and slide all the items into your bag and take them home. You can fold them at home and they still won’t need ironing. 

Don’t forget, as you remove each item individually from the machine and drop it into your bag, you’ll be able to visually check the item for bed bugs. Of course, if you do find any you’ll need to take appropriate action to eliminate them. That means putting them in the dryer for at least 15 minutes on high.

It is also important to remember that, if you are washing bedding because of bed bugs, you need to go to a specialist. This reduces the risk of you spreading them.

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