How to avoid awkward talks during the holidays

Los Angeles (KABC)-Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and friends, but dinner table talks can sometimes lead to annoying and unpleasant conversations.

Kaiser Permanente’s licensed marriage and family therapist, Anabel Basto, said:

Bastle said it’s best to avoid talking about delicate topics, especially politics. However, COVID and vaccination status are conversations to discuss.

“You know who you invite, who is vaccinated and who isn’t vaccinated. And talk about it right away. Just announce and some of us have vaccines. Say you know that some people haven’t been vaccinated and some have been vaccinated, “Bast said. “Then drop it and move on to your next activity.”

According to Bastle, anyone who is a guest of another family’s supper should avoid drinking too much.

“People tend to drink too much when they are anxious to relax, which can cause problems for you,” Basto said. “Make sure you have a fixed time to leave and let your guests know who invited you.”

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How to avoid awkward talks during the holidays Source link How to avoid awkward talks during the holidays

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