How TikTok’s nostalgic Adult Swim trend went viral

This is another story about trends in the viral internet. But this is really different.

The Adult Swim trend, which took over TikTok this week, is bringing out aspects of the missing platform. Rather than asking users to lip-sync or dress up for interesting audio From basic to bushin‘Transformations and trends demand a more artistic approach.

“We need to come up with content that is very creative, unique and unique. It’s great to be talented when something like this is viral,” 19 The year-old influencer-based Maya Abdullah said. In Los Angeles. “Since the beginning of 2019, there has been no real creativity viral trend.”

TikTok began last month with a post by music producer VANO 3000 in honor of the bumps of Adult Swim, a short segment that aired during a commercial break on Cartoon Network’s late-night show. First, he sampled Bad Bad Not Good’s “Time Moves Slow” to create the song. He then combined the sound with a video of a Spider-Man character actor walking down a New York City subway station, clearly angry at his recording. result It was an aesthetic that could only be said peak Adult swim.

The VANO 3000 describes itself as an “adult swim fan”. New York-based producers describe themselves as “timeless” millennials. “I use adult swim every night. I have TV on Cartoon Network,” he said. He joined TikTok in January and already has some other viral videos and beats of his name. Still, Adult SwimTik Toks took off in an unexpected way. Sure, the videos are popular, but the talent and creativity on display has revealed new possibilities for the form of the app.

“It’s pushing the app to the limit,” said the VANO 3000. “It really shows what TikTok does. We see a lot of people accessing the app just because of that trend.”

To Cyril Palmer, a 28-year-old fashion influencer based in Los Angeles, Adult SwimTik Toks seemed to be specially made for him. Stop-motion videos showing his submissions, his skateboarding and vintage T-shirt collection have been watched over 8 million times.

“I’m not going to dance. I’m not going to do comedy videos. I don’t know what TikTok’s supertrend is,” Palmer said. “When I saw [the trend], I was like “Oh, I have to do this”

The app’s reaction is overwhelmingly positive, and it’s strange to say anything on the internet.As one of the trend fans Written on TikTok, “Y’all is talented or something.”

We asked seven TikTok users to analyze a video of a viral adult swim. In the process, they shared the childhood memories of Adult Swim that encouraged them to join, the excitement and pressure they felt from getting millions of views, and the creative as well as the fun. We talked about the amazing joy of posting and received a wave of positive comments.

Cyril Palmer, 28 years old

deal with: @cyrilroypalmer

“I didn’t have much thought behind it,” Palmer said of his first thing. Adult swim TikTok“I just cleaned the room.”

In stop-motion clips, the camera pans a rich collection of seats decorated with the Louis Vuitton logo, Michael Jackson’s “thriller” posters, skateboards, hats, and vintage T-shirts. Palmer’s Tik Tok also focuses on his collection, which he has grown over the years. “Many people have asked a lot of questions about my room,” he said.

In the form of a typical artist, he likes His second take About the tendency that the number of views exceeds 9 million times.

“I hope I can come up with it before anything else,” he said. “But that’s how TikTok works. When something hits, something gets a little better and doesn’t work. It all depends on the timing.”

Noor Dabash, 17 years old

deal with: @noordabashh

Dabash has been doing special make-up for about 6 years, so he just happened to sit and had a set of fake resin teeth. She saw them sitting at the table and wondered, “OK, what can I do because of this tendency?”

“The first thing that came to my mind was,’OK, put it in your mouth and spit it out,'” she said. “And it was very strange.”

She issued a trigger warning In her videoHowever, some were still creepy in tackling her horrifying tendencies. “More than 130 million Americans can’t afford to go to the dentist,” reads the caption as Dabash has pliers. “No one cares. Do it yourself.” Then she spits out (fake) teeth and a bite of (fake) blood.

“It was like what the bumps were, they were very brutal,” she said.

Justin Yang, 18 years old

deal with: @okyanger

18-year-old Justin Yang from Tampa, who plans to study neuroscience at the University of Miami this fall, was inspired by stress and malaise. He made a trend video while studying for the Advanced Placement test. With a clipPlayed more than 12 million times since Friday, viewers can see a stack of anxiety-inducing test preparation books (for AP chemistry, biology, calculus, and statistics). When he bows, the Adult Swim logo appears on the sticky note cluster. “I made this instead of actually studying,” reads his caption.

“I didn’t expect anything from that,” he said. “I posted it, and I said,” Hey, I contributed something to this trend, hopefully a few people will see it and like it. ” was. “

However, more followers carry additional responsibilities. “I’m looking at my account in a whole new way right now,” he said. “I have to take into account this new, larger audience I have, and it’s very stressful and overwhelming. Really so.” For now, he’s on the wheel I’m not going to reinvent — he will continue to focus on study and college life.

“It’s overwhelming, but it’s also exciting,” he said.

Maya Abdullah, 19 years old

deal with: @mayuhnaise

At first, Abdullah didn’t expect her to join the trend — it seemed like it was all over — but the next morning she I took a video Inspired by the familiar pain of completing a summer school assignment. In the final shot, she took an overhead shot of the Adult Swim logo popping out of the printer, with her cell phone taped to the ceiling without a case.

“On the last take, just before I shot it, it fell and my phone crashed into the ground,” she said. “It was very interesting.” (The phone is okay.)

“Any angle,” she joked. “I am devoted to this influencer lifestyle.”

Abdullah shot a video from her home in Atlanta, where she is visiting. Two months ago, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an influencer. Much of her past content consists of skits and videos that explain what it’s like to be a first-generation Arab-American.

For Abdullah, this trend recalled memories of pretending to be asleep so she could stay up late to watch an episode of “Family Guy.” But it also reminded her of an easier time in the app. She appreciates the platform provided by TikTok, but said she and her creator’s friend are feeling burnout. She said that due to the trend of adult swim, many creators felt that they were not only entertaining, but also had the opportunity to show off their creativity.

“This was the happiest we’ve been creating content for some time,” she said.

Deborah Kong, 19 years old

deal with: @deboraliens

A few days ago, Deborah Kong, a 19-year-old up-and-coming junior at Barnard College in New York, posted a video poking himself to be a corporate intern and economics major who really wants to be an influencer. did.The next day she became viral Her adult swim trend video“It’s showing up to me,” she said.

“Stop worrying too much about what you look like,” Kong advises in her video, which has been seen over a million times, while she makes up. “Literally no one else notices your anxiety, and life is probably a simulation anyway.”

At the end of the clip, Kong leans against the camera and looks down, revealing the Adult Swim logo on the folds of the eyelids.

“I have Asian eyelids, so they can hide words, messages and designs,” Kong said. “Being an adult has always been a big worry for me, so I wanted to incorporate the message that I would stop worrying about the thoughts of others.”

John Torres, 20 years old

deal with: @ jon.edits

Read the caption “Don’t wait for it to never happen” Above the video A photo of a young woman anxiously waiting for a Gold Line train at South Pasadena Station. “Time goes by. Everything will be done.” The video shows the Gold Line train “[adult swim]”On the side.

The comments section was a mix of praise and people’s speculation about how Los Angeles-based 20-year-old filmmaker Torres had a relationship with LA Metro. He spent two and a half hours editing the logo on an old b-roll footage.

Torres said he remember seeing Cartoon Network during the formative period and experiencing a prominent transition to adult swim. “For me, it was very vague when I was young,” he said. “And I took that feeling a bit and tried to take it in when I made this video.”

Sadie Drawbaugh, 21 years old

deal with: @ hotpocketlover36

It was only a matter of time before someone got an adult swim tattoo, so Drawbo, a photographer and nursing home diet aid in Westminster, Maryland, was in a hurry. Post herThe captions are: “There is nothing permanent in life … well, probably not nothing.”

“[as]The tattoo in the video is a sharpy outline, Drawbaugh confirmed that the real thing took about 20 minutes. For the past year and a half, she has had simple tattoos by hand. “My first stick and pork was Jack Black, his name alone, so I felt like I would never really come back from it,” she said. “I really don’t care what I’m doing with my body.”

There is also a personal connection. Drawbaugh remembers spending the weekend at his dad’s house when he was eight or nine and waking up to the sound of an adult swim around three am as he was preparing for work. He told her to go back to sleep, but she claimed to be awake to see “Family Guy” or “Robot Chicken”. “He always got me up and watched an episode or something until I fell asleep,” she said. The tattoo is a reminder of the time with my father, who died in the third year of high school.

“Looking at the trends, it brought back some sort of those memories,” she said.

How TikTok’s nostalgic Adult Swim trend went viral Source link How TikTok’s nostalgic Adult Swim trend went viral

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