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How right is so wrong: The embrace of the Republican Party of white supremacists kills our country

Asm. Reggie Jones-Sawyer (file photo)

– Here are your reparations. It was a note scribbled on the assault weapon used by a white assassin as he broadcast his attack on black Americans in Buffalo, New York. He killed 10 and wanted to kill more.

Armed with an assault rifle, a firearm and a pistol in his car, along with ammunition and reinforced bulletproof vests, the shooter was caught alive by police officers.

As an appointment member of the California Reparations Task Force, I received many threatening comments in an attempt by the Task Force to find ways to correct wrongdoing against black Americans who were enslaved, abused, and removed from American fabric through racism and fanatical laws. that exist today.

Reparations were not what prompted this killer. It was an ideology nurtured by him every day.

Much of our focus is on the weapon used by the 18-year-old who pulled the trigger, but shouldn’t we be looking for who or what really set the shooter on a hate-fueled mission to search for and kill innocent black Americans?

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Most of the nation recognizes Fox News as the epicenter of fake stories, fake reports and horribly ignorant tirades filled with hateful rhetoric aimed at anyone who is not white, Christian or Republican.

Initially, GOP members had ignored bs that came from Fox News speakers. Then the Republican Party began to use some of its positions such as immigration debate points, safety net programs, women’s issues and LGBTQ issues, and of course the black community. The Republican Party then fully embraced Fox’s prospects and a new breed of GOP emerged, such as Marjorie Taylor Green. The end of conservatism was over and the new Reich began.

The leader of the new republican movement was Trump, who never condemned white nationalists but accepted their support. Many more Republicans followed in kind.

But Fox wasn’t extreme enough for the new “Republicans,” so they set up online groups, formed new “news” networks, and chose their candidates of choice.

Here, too, the 18-year-old shooter joined online groups and learned about the theory of substitution. A conspiracy theory has emerged on the fringes of the Internet that whites are being systematically replaced by immigrants and non-whites to strengthen the electoral registration of Democrats and make whites the minority group in the nation that has conquered the new Republicans.

He was so popular that Fox News’s Tucker Carlson took the mantle to spread his disturbing theory. And the GOP leadership relaxed, watched and did nothing to dispel this absurd idea.

The ideology of white supremacy is deep in the history of our nation, in every aspect. It was suppressed for a moment during the civil rights movement, but it raised its ugly head again.

And just as before, young white youths are radicalized, hated, and become domestic terrorists, spreading fear through violence.

We need to start a new campaign to defeat this evil and eradicate, as President Biden called it, “this cancer in our country.” We must support the candidates of the Democrats, whose beliefs are kept strong in equality for all and laws that are fair and just for all.

While my prayers are with those affected by the shootings in Buffalo, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Orange County, California, my determination is to focus on winning an election where Sagittarius supporters and those willing to keep silence about his actions, he currently holds the post.

How the Right is So Wrong: The GOP’s Embrace of White Supremacists Is Killing Our Country – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link How the Right is So Wrong: The GOP’s Embrace of White Supremacists Is Killing Our Country – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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