How The Half Baked Harvet’s Tieghan Gerard Eats at Home

Glamor: Which four staples are always in your closet or refrigerator?

Tieghan Gerard: Really good olive oil, dry pasta and rice, cheese and avocado. I always have avocados in my fridge. I live next door to my parents and during the holidays all my siblings are here, so the amount of avocados we go through is absurd. One day I will probably have 12 at the counter and 12 in the fridge. For example, if I make guacamole, I use ten avocados.

What do you listen to while cooking?

I love listening to corporate podcasts. I love learning, and I tend to learn through podcasts. They are my favorite way to explore new things. I like to listen to how people build brands, product development and more. I think I’ve been through everything How I built thisAnd I love Skinny confidential. I’m also a big fan Armchair expert.

What is an edible impulse purchase you can never resist?

I love dating. I eat them like candy.

What does comfort food mean to you?

It can mean so many different things. For me, it means foods that evoke really fond memories and that make you feel warm and comfortable. A meal you can really lean on and enjoy with your friends and family. I love hot food, so I think comfort food should always be warm. It doesn’t have to be rich or rich. I think even simple roasted vegetables are a comforting part of a meal. I love everything that brings me back. Growing up, my mom made really simple roasted chicken with rice, roasted broccoli and bread on Sunday nights. For me, it’s a comforting meal because it brings back fond memories.

What food did you do the most during the pandemic?

I made a lot of cozy meals during the pandemic – I made a lot of pasta with cheese, to be completely honest. I also made a lot of casserole and single frying pan dinners using pantry staples because people didn’t go to the grocery store so often. One of my favorites is a chicken and orzo food made in one pan with tons of dried or fresh herbs – whatever you have on hand. It’s really simple and tasty.

Which tool is most used in your kitchen?

Definitely a Staub cast iron skillet.

As one of eight siblings, what are your brothers and sisters ’favorite meals you make?

Every sibling is different, but right now my favorite is penne alla vodka. Especially if I put in a fiery pesto and do spicy pesto penne under vodka. It’s a real family favorite. And when I put in an Italian chicken or a spicy Italian sausage, the boys are really happy.

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How The Half Baked Harvet’s Tieghan Gerard Eats at Home Source link How The Half Baked Harvet’s Tieghan Gerard Eats at Home

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