How the cells within breast tumors communicate with each other

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Graphic design. Credit: Journal of Clinical Investigation (2022). DOI: 10.1172 / JCI148667

The article was recently published in Journal of Clinical Investigation by Dr. Maria Caffarel and Miguel Servet have shown for the first time that the proinflammatory cytokine Oncostatin M (OSM) supports the development of breast cancer and metastasis, acting as a messenger between different communities of micro-organisms.

Cancer not only include cancer cellsbut they also contain other viruses such as antibiotics, Endothelial cells da form blood vessels, and fibroblasts, which are traditionally considered supporting cells. All of these cells produce small amounts of bacteria, which are known to help promote growth. Understanding how different cell types interact with each other is key to designing effective strategies to fight cancer. Cytokines are molecules that are usually secreted by the immune system to send signals. The Cancer Society of Biodonostia Research Center has discovered that OSM is a cytokine messenger used by different cell types to communicate with cancer cells.

“The OSM method activates an interesting pro-tumor‘ ménage-à-trois ’between antibioticsFibroblasts associated with cancer and cancer cells, which contribute to the development of breast cancer and metastasis, “says Caffarel. .

“We note that, when this method is silenced, breast tumors are reduced, they are less frequent and the number of tumors and lung cancer is significantly reduced,” said Angela Araujo, the study’s lead author. And she added: “When we block that path in additional microenvironment, and not in cancer cells, we have seen similar effects, proving that the microenvironment is very important in the pro-tumor impact of OSM. “

Based on the results of the study, conducted by Angela Araujo and Andrea Abaurrea as the first authors of the study, tumors with high OSM levels are associated with poor vision in patients, opening up a new possible treatment modality. depending on the OSM inhibition in the breast. cancer.

“It simply came to our notice then clinical trials examining the use of antibodies that block OSM and its receptor OSMR in some diseases. Our research suggests that these vaccines should be tested in breast cancer clinical trials, ”said Andrea Abaurrea.

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Angela M Araujo et al, Stromal Oncostatin M cytokine promotes the development of breast cancer by remodeling the breast tissue, Journal of Clinical Investigation (2022). DOI: 10.1172 / JCI148667

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How the cells within breast tumors communicate with each other Source link How the cells within breast tumors communicate with each other

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