How Spain took the lead on vaccinations against COVID-19

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Spain has become a leader in the European virus vaccination drive for COVID-19 due to its deep confidence in the public health system and close family ties that encourage people to get jabs to protect their relatives. I did.

More than 61% of Spain’s 47 million population is fully vaccinated, which is one of the highest proportions of the European Union’s largest powers, with 57.8% in Italy, 56% in France and Germany. It is above 55.2%. The US figure is 50.3 percent.

One of the cornerstones of the success of the Spanish vaccine drive is Medical system, Joseph Roberta, a professor of sociology at the Local Autonomy College of Madrid, told AFP.

And that means there is little hesitation in the vaccine.

“The confidence in vaccines in general, especially in pediatric vaccines, is traditionally higher than in other European countries, which is an advantage over other countries,” said Roberta, who is in government position. vaccination Strategy Committee.

According to a June study by Imperial College London, 79% of Spanish people trusted the COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 62% in the United States, 56% in France and 47% in Japan. ..

Spain has escaped extensive protests against the forced vaccines found in France and Italy. Health care workers, And the creation of a health path that provides access to daily activities such as eating indoors.

Education Minister Pilar Alegria told News Radio Cadena Sale on Monday.

Take care of your family

One recent morning, a long line, mostly in their thirties, was waiting in the scorching sun to enter the 24-hour mass vaccination center at the Wizink Sports Arena in Madrid.

What I was waiting for was Ines Gomez Carbo, a 28-year-old graphic designer.She trusted Spain Public health system “100 percent, 200 percent,” she said.

Established after Spain’s return to democracy after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975, the country’s public health system offers free universal health insurance as a constitutionally guaranteed right.

As a result, most Spaniards associate it with modernity, Roberta said.

Close family relationships also explain the willingness to be vaccinated in Spain. Fifty-five percent of people between the ages of 25 and 29 still live with their parents.

Alejandro Costares, a 30-year-old lawyer who was waiting to be vaccinated at the Wisink Center, said this was a “little care” method for his family.

“It gives me a guarantee that I can go home and not infect them,” he said.

Roberta said it is much more difficult for young people in Spain to become independent due to the high level of work instability. “This means that the family acts as a lifesaver in times of crisis,” he explained.

Polio trauma

Spanish trauma experience Polio vaccine It also helps explain why Spaniards are so enthusiastic about immunization.

Some countries started polio vaccination in the mid-1950s, but authorities under Franco have been waiting for nearly a decade.

As a result, thousands of children were infected, resulting in serious disability and many deaths.

Due to this negligence of the dictatorship, the Spanish leftist government has recently begun to recognize people with polio as victims of the administration before immunity began.

“It was an absolute disaster,” said Javier Garcia, president of the Kotasero Society, which represents the victims of polio.

A 60-year-old child in a wheelchair underwent 17 leg surgeries as a child.

He was four years old and was able to stand on his own and still needed orthopedic assistance.

So there was no doubt that he would be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“It’s important for everyone to get it — and the sooner it’s better.”

Spain vaccinated 12 to 17 years old 9 months ago

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