How Petroteq Energy’s State-of-the-Art Oil Extraction Method Is Accomplished Without Emissions

We are a moving world. Travel is now a part of everyday life, whether it’s a drive to a new neighborhood or an airplane around the world. All of this movement requires an energy source. Today, most of the energy used in the world comes from fossil fuels. They are a necessary part of society and help us do everything from travel to home heating. Experts estimate that it will last for another 100 years or so. As the climate changes rapidly, the oil and gas industry needs to reduce emissions and choose more environmentally friendly methods to reach its goals. Petroteq Energy We are leading the market by providing the technology to do just that.

Petroteq Energy is an oil company that extracts and sells oil from sand. Its mission is to “develop socially responsible practices that ensure environmental protection while creating shareholder value.” Petroteq isn’t aiming to enter the renewable energy sector, it’s revolutionizing the way the oil industry operates and it’s still a part of life, but in a more environmentally friendly way. .. To that end, we have been working hard to develop oil extraction technology that will lead the way to a healthier world.

A unique technology, CORT leads the protection and recovery of the planet. CORT (Clean Oil Recovery Technology) guarantees the recovery, recycling and reuse of almost all solvents used to extract oil from sand. 100% of the solvent may not be recyclable, but the rest remains in the oil. This system is closed-loop and continuous, preventing hydrocarbons from being released into the atmosphere.

By the end of the extraction process, CORT also ensures that no hydrocarbons remain in the sand. This makes it feasible again for agriculture. The final product is clean soil and high quality oil. Clean soil and sand are restored, where new plants can grow. As the entire process does not consume water, this technology saves water and prevents water pollution.

Moreover, Petroteq Is at the forefront of developing innovations that will stop and ultimately reverse carbon emissions associated with oil and gas production in the long run. These innovations include the launch of a series of carbon-neutral and carbon-negative initiatives. A carbon-neutral approach means emitting as much carbon dioxide as a company removes. This is an important step in the right direction to enable businesses to function properly without further harm. Carbon-negative companies remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit. Carbon negative technology is extremely beneficial to the environment and has the potential to undo the damage already done.

Petroteq Energy’s strategy and technology is already functioning as the gold standard for an economically viable approach in the oil and gas industry. The success of CORT is evidence that successful carbon negative practices are feasible within the oil and gas industry. Petroteq ensures that CORT technology is versatile and can also be used to restore other natural resources.

How Petroteq Energy’s State-of-the-Art Oil Extraction Method Is Accomplished Without Emissions Source link How Petroteq Energy’s State-of-the-Art Oil Extraction Method Is Accomplished Without Emissions

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