How Personal Injury Lawyers Became Part of LA’s Landscape

How do you find personal injury lawyers, domestic violence lawyers, or any type of lawyer in Los Angeles? You can try to seek recommendations from a trusted friend. Alternatively, you can drive along Wilshire Boulevard. On Wilshire Boulevard, many personal injury lawyers serve with ridiculous, eye-catching signs. It’s a miracle that Miracle Miles aren’t gridlocked by fender vendors.

“We didn’t meet in an accident” Pilnia Law Group, A goat hip star wearing sunglasses will appear. Reservoir dog From a lawyer. (There is another sign that the company declares to be something like “‘ENTOURAGE’ MEETS’SUITS'” in case someone misses the Hollywood innuendo). Yet another reference is the Bernie Sanders meme last fall, with Sanders bundled in a hoodie (“Don’t bother the insurer”). Then there’s one from a lawyer asking, “A hostile boss?” On the background of what looks like a splash of blood.Who are these lawyers channeling? Better call soleSaul Goodman? Jury, we present: Sweet James, Esq. When Uncle Ardy, Esq.

“Some of the ads seen by lawyers can be annoying,” said Adam Winkler, a law professor who teaches legal ethics and the Constitution at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Probably not doing much to help the image of the bar.”

Until about 45 years ago, it was actually illegal for lawyers to advertise. However, in the early 1970s, two UCLA law graduates, Leonard Jacoby and Stephen Meyers, dared to open an open house at the Van Nuys Strip Mall for a new personal injury company. The case attracted media attention, and the State Bar Association of California tried to sanction them, claiming that the promotion was the end of the law. Not surprisingly, Jacoby and Myers filed a proceeding in the California Supreme Court, which ruled that preventing lawyers from promoting themselves in interviews violated their First Amendment rights. In 1977, the US Supreme Court opened the door further and in another proceeding confirmed that lawyers had as much advertising rights as any other business. Returning to Los Angeles, Jacoby and Myers celebrated the ruling by performing their first television commercial.

Its first ad (offering consultation for only $ 20) was the case of white shoes compared to today’s performance. LA lawyer James Bergner (Sweet James, mentioned above) hired tough guy actor Danny Trejo to shoot an ad for his company. “When Boogeyman goes to bed at night, he checks under his bed for me,” Trejo, shirtless, sneaked into the camera while breaking his knuckles. “But in the event of an accident, I’ll call my boss James Bergner.” Since then, “Boss” has painted his image on signs and bus stops throughout LA, and on social media, a guitar signed by Eddie Van Halen. I’m watching on a custom bike track or posing with my wife Noera.Former model Bergner who happened to be cast as a regular next season Real housewife in Orange County..

Personal injury lawyer Ardy Pirnia, an Iranian-American born in Beverly Hills, who calls herself Uncle Ardy, portrays herself as a member of the family on his sign. “If something happens to you, the first thing you think about is your uncle, whether it’s an accident, whether there’s a baby mama drama, whether there’s a business dispute. [me]”He says Los Angeles.. Pilnia has tweaked the demographics of the Billboard campaign to become Tio Ardy (Spanish) for Inland Empire and Amoo Ardy (Persian) for Westwood. Before Pilnia began advertising, he said, “I wanted to vomit,” every time I saw a sign for a personal injury lawyer. Who saw the sign that says “Injured”? Do you think “call me” and “it’s my man”? When it comes to his gothie and sunglasses personas, Pilnia has become a big fan of Tarantino and Liev Schreiber. “I told the artwork guy that I have three favorite movies. Give me a sign like this: pulp Fiction meet Ray Donovan meet Reservoir dog.


The OG on the stunning lawyer sign is definitely Jacob EmraniThe “Call Jacob” ad made him almost as local a celebrity as Angeline. “We praise other lawyers for following our marketing,” says Emrani. Perhaps his most notorious pitch was deliberately turned upside down with an advisory that “you can do the same thing by calling a sign company, turning the board over, and calling Jacob.” “You can read’Call Jacob’upside down,” says Emrani.

Another Emrani masterpiece: The 2018 Billboard called on NBA star LeBron James to sign the Lakers, creating a horde of free presses on his company. When James finally signed, Emrani became the team’s “official” personal injury lawyer, causing competition between law firms to work with the city’s sports franchise. Jacoby and Myers landed the Dodgers, and Sweet James got the Clippers. With a charger.

Jacob Emrani
Emrani, along with his family, launched a signage campaign at Staples Center to hire LeBron James as the team’s “official” personal injury attorney.

Allenberezovsky / Getty Images

In these medium-sized local businesses, the sign person is actually an office person. Len Jacoby is still affiliated with Jacoby and Meyers’ LA office, but Irvine lawyer Steven Mehr purchased the right to use the name elsewhere in California when Mehr was recently charged with an illegal client referral scheme. It led to confusion and bad PR. Yet other national partnerships, such as Sokolov and Goldwater, do not work as well as law firms as ad houses, which provide law referral services.

Personal injury lawyers measure success with the money they earn, and their websites and social media boast aggregates (more than $ 100 million in Pilnia’s lifetime) and ongoing ($ 12 million in June, Bergner). ), Individuals (filled with $ 6 million in Emurani’s car accident) Total. According to Pilnia, billboards are much more efficient than outsourcing marketing to companies that charge $ 15,000 a month for something like a lawyer number for 1 to 800 people. “I can’t point to one sign and say,’Hey, this inevitably got me this client,'” he admits. “The main purpose of the sign was to brand.” He believes that advertising buys the trust of young lawyers like himself to potential customers. He speculates, “If he isn’t good at his job, there’s no way for this guy to put up these signs.” According to the 2020 proceedings, Bergner spends $ 10 million annually on promotional activities. It’s a great deal of fabric to invest in what appears to be chasing a glorious ambulance.

These roadside distractions may seem sticky, at least according to UCLA’s Winkler, but there is a positive public turnaround. “They play a very important role in providing legal services to people in the usual way, who do not have access to the culture of law firms and have no lawyers in their families,” he says. “They say,” We are ordinary people. Colored people, first-generation immigrants, people who speak different languages, and provide quality legal services with a legal system that is not built for you. People who can do it. “I think it’s very important. ”

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How Personal Injury Lawyers Became Part of LA’s Landscape Source link How Personal Injury Lawyers Became Part of LA’s Landscape

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