How long do stars live?

Stars are born amid turbulent clouds, and their deaths can be just as explosive. But how long do stars actually live? The short answer is: it depends on the size of the star.

For most of its life, a star is in a delicately balanced state called hydrostatic equilibrium heaviness The pull on the star is balanced by the outward thrust generated by nuclear reactions in the star’s core. This outward thrust happens when a star fuses hydrogen nuclei into helium nuclei, resulting in a burst of energy that maintains the star’s shape and brightness. Once all the hydrogen is gone, the star embarks on an irreversible path toward its demise. The star will burn helium for a time, and the largest stars will continue to burn chemical elements up to the iron, but it’s a fleeting stay of execution. Stars come in different sizes, starting at just 7% of the mass of the sun up to 250 solar masses. So which ones die the fastest?

How long do stars live? Source link How long do stars live?

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