How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed after two years?

How did COVID-19 infection change after two years? Credit: AP Illustration / Peter Hamlin

How did COVID-19 infection change after two years?

More and more countries are returning to normalcy and learning to live with the virus. Reliable and effective vaccines have been developed and there is a good understanding of how to treat people with the disease.

Two years after the outbreak, questions were about coronavirus. But experts know a lot about how to keep it under control.

The virus is most commonly spread through the air when an infected person exhales, talks, coughs or sneezes. That’s why health officials they encourage the use of masks and inhalers, rather than focusing on the advice to wipe the surface as they do early.

Treatment is also available for people who are ill or in need of hospitalization. Among the options are antibiotics, such as remdesivir, or newer antibiotics from Pfizer and Merck; drugs do not grow including steroids; and depends on the type of variant floating, the antibiotics in the lab to attack the virus.

“The world is looking at how we are learning in real-time how to control COVID-19,” said Neil J. Sehgal, assistant professor of health policy and management at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

The COVID-19 injection was also enhanced during the recording period. As of early March, 10 vaccines have been eliminated for immediate use by the World Health Organization.

Until now, the distribution of vaccines has not been consistent with any other international efforts to deliver shootings fairly and inaccurate information raises doubts about the shootings.

And there is still much more to learn. Studies are underway to better understand long-term COVID-19, which can last for months after the first infection. And scientists are looking forward to future variations that are highly contagious.

“Eventually every country will learn to live with COVID,” Sehgal said.

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How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed after two years? Source link How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed after two years?

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