How Fentanyl changed the war on drugs –

SAN DIEGO (CUSHION) – The fentanyl epidemic in the US is unprecedented and the DEA has seized enough fentanyl to give a lethal dose to every person in America.

San Diego is the gateway for the majority of these pills coming across the border, and the special agent in charge for the DEA says everyone in the community needs to be aware of the fentanyl epidemic before you make a fatal mistake.

KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries has spent endless hours getting to the bottom of this epidemic, learning facts about how it affects Americans, especially our children.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. It was originally developed for pain management applied to a patch on the skin. However, due to its potent potency – drug dealers began adding it to heroin either to increase potency or even to disguise it as a cheap alternative.

It works by blocking the areas of the brain that control pain. Someone taking fentanyl will experience sedation, often confusion and extreme emotions. A lethal dose is as small as 3 grains of salt.

The DEA started it “One pill can kill” public awareness campaign in September last year to attack this growing problem at every level.

The majority of counterfeit drug production takes place in other countries, primarily China and Mexico, and is then trafficked here in the US.

Common emojis for fake prescription drugs include, a blue dot or a banana for Oxy and Percocet.

  • A bar of chocolate or a bus for Xanax.
  • A-train for Adderall.
  • Drugs like methamphetamine include the diamond icon among others.
  • Heroin is known by a brown heart or dragon.
  • Whereas cocaine has many – more commonly an eightball or snowflake.
  • Dope clubs like molly’s are recognized on the social media scene with a lighting bolt or candy wrapper.
  • Marijuana is known as puff smoke – fire or clover.

Other signs to look out for are how a dealer will try to advertise using “the plug” or “money bag” and how strong a lot is and whether it has a lot or a little.

As a parent, knowing what your children are communicating could be the difference between life and death!

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How Fentanyl changed the war on drugs – Source link How Fentanyl changed the war on drugs –

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