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Coronavirus guidelines call for Disney, Universal, and other California theme parks to ensure that visitors have been vaccinated after the state’s economy fully resumed on June 15. ..

Fully vaccinated Californians no longer need to wear state masks June 15 theme parkHowever, people attending the “Mega Event” must provide either evidence of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test.

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After all, the requirements of the new state sound more awkward than they really are — theme parks and theirs. Unvaccinated visitors.. However, as is often the case throughout the pandemic, the state COVID-19 health and safety guidelines are complex and confusing.

The confusion begins with the definition of “mega event”. This is the state’s new designation for large meeting places such as theme parks, sporting events, concerts, conventions, conferences, food festivals, car shows, marathons and parades. However, not all megaevents are created the same.

Indoor mega-events are “required” to check the vaccination status of each participant, and outdoor mega-events are recent COVID-19 negative tests to see if visitors are fully vaccinated against coronavirus. It is “highly recommended” to confirm that you have received it.

California theme parks fall into the category of outdoor mega-events. State COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines require, but are not required, for unvaccinated visitors to wear a mask during attendance. Mega-event vaccination and testing obligations will run until October 1st and will be reassessed on September 1st.

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What does that mean for theme parks?

The state is responsible for voluntarily wearing masks while unvaccinated visitors are in the park via theme parks.

The theme parks do not need to review vaccination evidence or collect the results of COVID-19 tests conducted within 72 hours of the start of the event. At theme parks, you don’t even have to ask visitors if they have been vaccinated or have unvaccinated visitors wear face covers.

How do California theme parks check visitor vaccination status?

Most California theme parks post a statement on their website or within the park regarding state mask recommendations. Some include state reminders, including ticket purchases and advance reservations.

Parks that require masks after June 15th will cover all bases. Unvaccinated visitors should wear a face cover with the vaccinated guest.

How California theme parks will verify visitors have been vaccinated – San Bernardino Sun Source link How California theme parks will verify visitors have been vaccinated – San Bernardino Sun

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