How AI-powered robots will transform retail

Retailers and supermarkets are adding robots to store aisles to boost sales, free workers from mundane tasks, and address ongoing labor shortages.

Equipped with cameras and sensors, autonomously inventory robot A service that allows you to check price signs and find out-of-stock items BJ wholesale and owned by Walmart sams club.

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Inventory is one of the biggest challenges retailers face.Empty shelves and out-of-stock product backlogs hurt U.S. retailers $82 billion 2021, according to NielsenIQ.

“Retailers spend a lot of money knowing what’s coming into stores through their inventory and point-of-sale systems. I don’t have a good model for

Other companies in this space include Simbe Robotics and Bossa Nova Robotics.

So how will inventory robots affect the lives of US retailers and their employees? CNBC went behind the scenes at Brain Corp. to find out.

Watch the video to learn more. How AI-powered robots will transform retail

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