How Adding Pictures to Excel’s Presentation Made a Presentation Look Outstanding?

 If you want your presentation to look smart, you should perfectly insert picture in excel cell wherever it is needed. If you do not know how to insert, then you do not need to bother as online tutorials are available to show you different ways to add an image in Excel. Your presentation will truly look incredible when a picture is added into a cell or added to a comment, header/footer. You may copy, move or get it resized as you find convenient.

Excel Is More Than Just To Use For Calculation Purpose –

Most of us think that Excel is only used for calculation purposes, but it is also good at storing pictures along with the data. This way makes it easy to get the entire reference of the done calculation. Adding pictures with a specific piece of information enhances the value of the prepared project.

Significance Of Inserting Picture In Excel Cell –

You might be running a bit confused. Here, we are going to make it easy for you. Let’s understand the importance of inserting a picture in Excel Cell –

  • A sales manager is preparing a spreadsheet for products and he wants to add an extra column along with product This sort of sheet along with data and needed pictures makes it easy for new people. They understand everything with much-required clarity.
  • If you are in real estate then you may want to prepare your Spreadsheet oriented data adding a picture of different buildings to avoid confusion for yourself and others. It could be said that the feature of inserting pictures in an excel cell also helps to create more transparency.
  • This outstanding feature can also be quite useful for the florist who wants to prepare all the data along with pictures of flowers.

Adding an image into an Excel sheet is quite easy. You just need to go with simple steps to get it done. You need to click in your Excel sheet wherever you want to add an image. Then you need to click the INSERT tab and click PICTURES. And then the dialog box will be opened and you will be allowed to browse the pictures. You need to choose and select and then add INSERT. And you will be having the picture adjacent to the chosen cell.

If you want to add many images at the same time then you need to press and hold the CTRL Key while choosing pictures. Then you need to click INSERT and go ahead. And it is done.

For business people, Excel has truly made doing calculations quite easy. Excel is regarded as being associated with Office 365 productivity Suite. It means you are allowed to access it over Cloud. You need to bother if you access another system since you can easily find your file overcloud. You need to bother about the file transferring process and get exhausted.

It would not be an exaggeration that Excel is quite useful if you are aware of the way it works. For example, you can make your work in SpreadSheet easy if you know how to use IF function. It is one of the most popular formulas since it makes you go logical while comparing a value and your expectation. It means the IF statement comes up with 2 results. The first result comes if your comparison goes TRUE and the second one will be there if it comes FALSE.

Conclusion –

You must keep learning all these interesting formulas to enjoy while working on Excel Spreadsheets. The more you learn, the more fluent you work in Excel.


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