Houston Methodist Hospital reports its 1st case of lambda COVID-19 variant

The Houston-Texas major hospital system has reported the first case of the Lambda COVID-19 variant. This is because the state was rewound from the rampant delta variant.

The Houston Methodist Hospital, which operates eight hospitals within the network, said the first lambda case was confirmed on Monday.

According to the World Health Organization, lambda variants were first detected in Peru in December 2020 and account for 81% of COVID-19 cases sequenced domestically since April 2021. WHO currently designates Lambda as the “mutant of interest”.

Last week, the Houston Methodist had just over 100 COVID-19 patients across the hospital system. According to a statement released by the hospital on Monday, the number increased to 185 on Monday and the majority of infected people were unvaccinated.

About 85% of these infections have been diagnosed with delta mutants, hospital officials said.

“The number of COVID-19 cases has skyrocketed across the Houston region, the most on weekends,” said the Houston Methodist. “Increased hospitalizations are stressing many of our hospitals that are approaching capacity.”

Dr. Mark Boom, president and chief executive officer of the hospital, emphasized that it is “essential” for the community to “vaccine and reduce the spread of the virus.”

Despite reports of lambda variants, Houston Methodist experts say Delta remains a major concern in the United States.

“Lambda is a dominant mutant in Peru, and Peru had a very difficult time with COVID-19. It shares a common mutation with the dominant mutants in Brazil, alpha, beta and gamma. “We are,” Dr. Wesley, a long-time medical director of diagnostic microbiology, Houston Methodist, told ABC News.

“At this point, I don’t think there’s enough evidence that we should be more concerned about lambdas than deltas. Still, I think deltas are our main concern. Deltas are much more contagious. There is more evidence. The viral load is much higher. “

Lambda mutants “increased prevalence over time as the incidence of COVID-19 increased, and are associated with substantial community infection rates in multiple countries,” WHO said in June. Said in the report. In June, variants were detected in 29 countries.

The delta mutant, first detected in India in December, now accounts for approximately 83% of all COVID-19 cases sequenced in the United States, said Dr. Rochelle Walensky of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He said at a Senate hearing on Tuesday. WHO has designated Delta as a “variant of concern”.

Houston Methodists have seen higher positive rates and higher hospitalizations, but it has long been pointed out that ground conditions are still “well below” the winter peak.

“”[Infections are] To increase. “In order to put into practice all the safe practices learned through the pandemic, more people will be needed to be vaccinated, especially those who are not vaccinated,” Long said. Stated. Spread of COVID. All of this is very important to keep this delta wave under control. “

At present, 51% of Texas’s population over the age of 12 is fully vaccinated, according to state data.

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Houston Methodist Hospital reports its 1st case of lambda COVID-19 variant Source link Houston Methodist Hospital reports its 1st case of lambda COVID-19 variant

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