House GOP set to elect Trump defender Elise Stefanik to leadership post formerly held by Liz Cheney

Republicans are ready to vault Elise Stefanik Joining the House of Representatives leaders, the party hopes to turn pages from the scorching civil war over retired Congressman Liz Cheney and refocus on regaining control of the House in next year’s elections. ..

Stephanique, RN.Y. , Moderate enthusiastic defender Former President Donald Trump and his unfounded claims about 2020 election fraudIt was widely expected that he would be elected leader of the 3rd House Republican Party on Friday.

She will replace Republican Cheney exiled this week Encouraging supporters who attacked the Capitol on January 6, for repeatedly accusing Trump of his lies that the 2020 reelection was stolen from him by a fraudulent vote.

Stephanique, 36, is the subject of a fierce battle over rebellious Cheney by setting up a visible role in the Republican Party, a supporter of Trump, and one of the party’s relatively few women in Congress. Gives you the opportunity to try to change.

However, it is unlikely that the Republican division will soon disappear. Many solid conservatives are worried about Stephanique’s centrist vote record, and tensions continue over Trump’s tense hold on the party and Cheney’s violent expulsion.

Stephanique told reporters Thursday that she was “unified by winning a majority and focusing on the damage the Biden-Pelosi agenda is causing across the United States,” she became an active messenger for her. Insisted that it would be. party. She called Trump “the most important leader in our party for voters” and said she was in a strong position to win.

Stephanique got off to a quick start in arranging votes for the success of Cheney, the decisive factor in the leadership race. Importantly, she also has Trump and House of Representatives minority leaders Kevin McCarthy, R-Kalifu, and two of the most influential conservatives in the House of Representatives, Steve Scalise, the second House of Representatives Republican leader in Louisiana. Backed by Scalise and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

Republican Rep. Chiproy told reporters that he was one of the most conservative members of the house and would face Stephanik. He’s an exorbitant long shot, but his candidacy shows leaders that solid Republicans expect a strong voice to move forward.

When asked about Stefanik’s potential challengers, McCarthy said, “It’s always healthy to discuss.” He spoke the day after he successfully helped abandon Cheney from the leader because he refused to control her difference with Trump.

The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and an ambitious Republican, Cheney was one of ten Republicans who voted to accuse Trump of inciting a riot in the Capitol this year. Since then, she has fought Trump frequently, many Republicans eventually opposed her, claiming that the controversy was a harmful pastime.

Still, Cheney doesn’t disappear. She remained in Congress, running for reelection, and said she would work aggressively to derail if Trump wants to return to the White House in 2024.

Stephanik told his colleagues that she would only be in leadership positions until next year, according to an aide who discussed internal conversations with Republican lawmakers on condition of anonymity last week. After that, she became the Republican leader on the House Education and Labor Commission. Some consider the House Education and Labor Commission to be in a stronger position because it can enact legislation on important issues.

Stefanik is a fourth-term member of the Northern District of New York and has supported both Trump and Barack Obama twice in the last four presidential elections. According to local news reports, she was a critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign, calling his videotape comment on a sexually assaulted woman “wrong” and sometimes mentioning his name. I avoided that.

According to a conservative group rating, her voting record is one of the most moderate of all Republicans in the House. She opposed Trump’s 2017 marquee tax cut and his efforts to divert budget funds to build a wall along the Mexican border.

With Republican excellence by defending him in 2019 during his first impeachment to pressure Ukraine to bring political stigma to then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. It hurt Trump’s attention.

She remained a Trump booster and joined the question of the effectiveness of the 2020 elections, despite findings by judges and local authorities that there was no evidence of widespread fraud. Hours after the Capitol attack, she voted against officially approving the Pennsylvania State Electoral College vote.

Roy said Thursday at the Dallas-based conservative talk show “Marc Davis Show” that Stephanique was too modest and should be challenged from the right. He also acknowledged that Stephanik has “great potential” to win.

Trump reiterated his support for Stephanique on Thursday, saying Roy “has not done a great job” in a statement, saying he is likely to lose the Republican primary next year.

Roy rebelled against Trump when he voted to formally prove the defeat of Trump’s electoral college in January, saying the Constitution “did not leave Congress power” to dismiss the state’s elections. Stated.

House GOP set to elect Trump defender Elise Stefanik to leadership post formerly held by Liz Cheney Source link House GOP set to elect Trump defender Elise Stefanik to leadership post formerly held by Liz Cheney

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