Hotel giant Marriott confirms yet another data breach – TechCrunch

The hotel group Marriott International has confirmed another data leakwith hackers claiming to have stolen 20 gigabytes of sensitive data including guests’ credit card information.

The incident, first reported by Tuesday, reportedly happened in June, when an unnamed hacking group claimed to have used them Social Development Getting an employee at a Marriott hotel in Maryland to allow him access to his computer.

“Marriott International is aware of a threat actor that used social engineering to trick an employee at an individual Marriott property into granting access to the employee’s computer,” Marriott spokeswoman Melissa Froehlich Flood told TechCrunch in an explanation. “The attacker did not gain access to Marriott’s core network.”

Marriott said the hotel chain identified and investigated the incident before the threat actor contacted the company in a blackmail attempt that Marriott says it failed to pay.

The group claiming responsibility for the attack says the stolen data included guests’ credit card information and sensitive information about guests and staff. Examples of data made available to purport to show reservation logs for airline crew members as of January 2022 and names and other details of guests and credit card information used for bookings.

However, Marriott told TechCrunch that its investigation found that the data accessed “contained primarily non-sensitive internal business files related to the operation of the property.”

The company said it is preparing to notify 300 to 400 people of the incident and has already notified relevant law enforcement agencies.

This isn’t the first time Marriott has been hit by a major data breach. Hackers broke into the hotel chain in 2014 to access nearly 340 million guest records worldwide – an incident that went undetected until September 2018 resulted in a £14.4 million ($24 million) fine from the UK Information Commissioner’s office. In January 2020 was Marriott hacked again in a separate incident that affected around 5.2 million guests.

TechCrunch asked Marriott what cybersecurity precautions are in place to prevent such incidents, but the company declined to answer.

Hotel giant Marriott confirms yet another data breach – TechCrunch Source link Hotel giant Marriott confirms yet another data breach – TechCrunch

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