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Buford Sonny Walker (Photo provided)

Bufordrice “Sony” Walker entered this life on Mother’s Day weekend, May 12, 1939, and into eternal life on June 5, 2021. He continued this earthly journey for 1982 and 25 days. Born in Chicago, Illinois (South Side). I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Having lived in Los Angeles, California for 60 years, Buford Rice “Sony” Walker embraced God’s mission, wasted time, and took every opportunity to leave the world more than he was born. The first of four children born of Rice Walker and Burnell Crawford Walker and a lifelong Catholic, confirmed at the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in 1947, he was an altar boy when he was young.

Buffford attended Corpus Christi Elementary School in Chicago before his family moved to Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from Hogan Bishop’s High School. A devoted and talented athlete, he was awarded a full scholarship to St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Other qualifications include the Certification of Drug and Alcoholism Counselor-Acton Rehabilitation Center-Acton, CA. And California Police Officer Service and Training Certification.

Buford Sonny Walker & Mrs. Walker (courtesy: photo)

“Sonny” has retired as Director of Government Relations – SoCalif. WaterReplenishment District (2003 – 2004). His career includes serving as Chief Operating Officer – California – Exposition Park (1989 – 2002), and co-founder of the California Science Center Curator Kids, who served children in the Watts community. Was there. He also worked as director of Project BUILD, an empowerment program for Watts residents, and was self-employed as the founding vice president of DART, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Counselor / Chief Therapist – CompCare Corp.-View Park Location. Deputy Director of Management Services for the Wagon Program at the Central City Community Mental Health Center. Was a counselor – Sugar Ray Youth Foundation. Headstart counselor / supervisor at Knickerson Gardens.

“Sonny,” tied to the story of his “streetlight” basketball game in Chicago’s South Side alley, advocates cultural and racial isolation at Iowaberg, a black athlete on the courts of Kansas City. Drafted to Kansas City. Bus road trip to the Bulls (predecessor of the Chicago Bulls) and Harlem Globetrott. “Vivo” was named the All-Star of the Catholic School and the first team of the All-City Catholic League All-Star, as is known by KC. Yes, basketball is both his profession and his profession and has become an avid reader of the sports page. Later he read the daily newspaper to get the latest news and shared it with his wife to prevent her from going out into the world ignorantly. He liked to travel to new places and return to old landmarks. A memorable vacation to his honeymoon spot, Bermuda, formed a new bond with adult children. I also traveled to Africa, Botswana and Swaziland on a special trip with my three grandchildren who were high school graduates in the 2000 class. , Zimbabwe and Zambia help you see the world through the lenses of African heritage. Grandpa also set out on a fact-finding trip to check out his three grandfathers, whose father’s home is Ife, Nigeria, and spends five years there to provide a bicultural experience. The event was “no” because he knew how to say “no” when he showed it at a family gathering, or in response to an invitation, without chopping up the words and leaving no room for negotiation or debate. It became “special”.

Buford Sonny Walker & Mrs. Walker (courtesy: photo)

Recognized for his nonsense advocacy, Chair Willy Brown appointed Walker to the California State Legislature’s Advisory Board on Alcohol-related Issues. 1982-1993. Other Honors and Awards-Community Service Declaration-House for Young People in the City of Santa Monica Foster Care System to Support Adoption. Los Angeles City Awards-Bicentenial salute proclamation for outstanding services on the Relationship Commission. National Defender Certificate – Alcoholism Council in the Greater Los Angeles. National Council of Black Women – Organizer of the Black Family Reunion. LA Marathon Certificate for Support. California Science Center Award for Outstanding Service. A major supporter of the Notre Dame Football Association. # 1 Dad’s Trophy – Buford Walker Clan.

“Sony” was proud of his role in the creation of Watts’ son after the 1965 LA / Watts riots and the membership of the Black Panther Party. He worked to equalize South Central Los Angeles with other communities in LA County, so it was important to create a solution rather than sticking to the problem. It was nothing more important than encouraging young people, especially black ones, to work in spite of low social expectations and becoming a role model for those seeking a second chance.

He will be greeted forever by his father and mother – Rice and Burnellwalker, sisters – Volandia Adonir, and son Vincent Walker. He said “for a very long time” to the host, who cherished his memory and remembered his wise advice as he continued his journey.

Buford Sonny Walker (Photo provided)

His 43-year-old wife, Jacklin Dupont Walker. Seven children in a wonderfully mixed family – Brenda Kay Walker Winston, Reginal Drys Walker (Sylvia), View Drys “Chuck” Walker Jr. (Louis Rosario Trises), Raymond Cornell Walker (Karen), Stephanie Dennis Williams, Camera Hayward-Rotimi (Bankole), and Jesse Brown, III; 24 grandchildren – Rodger Duran Winston, Jimmesha Winston Lenhoff (Scott), Sylvia Winston Nichols (Chester), David Reginald Walker (Jaquetta), Dwayne Eric Walker (____), Monique Walker, Christian Walker, Jordan Walker, Jaiden Walker, Brandon A. Williams, Kolawole Philip Heyward-Rotimi, Karina Jacquelyn Heyward-Rotimi, Kemi ____ Heyward-Rotimi, Obadyah A. Brown, Jonah B. Canfield, Wayne Walker, Nick Walker, Nora’s son, Zoe son, JJ, Rachel Walker , D’Mitri Walker, Julian Walker ,; 12 great-grandfathers. Brothers – Grover Pullium Walker and Daniel Arthur Walker; Aunt, Cousin, Niece / Nephew, and a Global Extended Family. The adopted families are Robert “Bob” Campbell, Robin Nicholas, and Richard Glenhines.

Only a few days ago we observed a cactus on the front porch. This is known as the “Sony Cactus” with 10 buds. It is important to share that it blooms only at night every 3-5 years. As these buds were ready to bloom, we were delighted and took this wonder as a spiritual sign that everything was going well with the name “Sonny”. There is no doubt that God is responsible for giving us the peace of mind that goes through all understanding in our lives. I thank God for the time I spent with Buford Rice “Sonny” Walker on Earth and look forward to eternity.

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Final arrangement

Home going service:

Monday, June 21, 2021

11:00 am PDT

St. Paul Catholic Church

1920 South Bronson Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90018

323-730-9490 – Church Office

Monk Alexei Smith, Celebrant

Rev. John Kager, III, Cooperating Clergy

The service will be livestreamed via Facebook

Cremation: Alpha Society (Please refrain from making inquiries)

The family appreciates all the expressions of love and condolence and demands donations to Sonny’s garden plants or King Solomon’s Village, a WEDC community under development for 9 homeless / houseless residents.th Council District-Los Angeles City)
Expressions of condolence can be sent to:

Mrs. Jacklin Dupont Walker

1621 Wellington Road

Los Angeles, California 90019

323-734-7856 – Home

[email protected]

HONORING the life journey of BUFORD RICE “SONNY” WALKER – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link HONORING the life journey of BUFORD RICE “SONNY” WALKER – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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