Honey locally sourced in Florida helping sea turtles heal

Palm Beach County, Florida — Animal lovers throughout Palm Beach County, Florida Contribution For healing sea turtles Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

Sierra Malnove is a beekeeper and Palm Beach Cream Honey Co., Ltd. She is one of the beekeepers who provides honey to loggerhead turtles as a healing treatment for turtle wounds.

Marnove got his first hive eight years ago and is obsessed with every stage of the commercial beekeeping process. She maintains urticaria throughout the county and on her property and enjoys every element of commercial beekeeping, from colonial migration to the sale of flavored raw honey.

She saw first-hand how honey was healed. It’s a practice that dates back thousands of years.

“My partner Al cut his thumb almost in half with a table saw, took him to the emergency room, they sewed it back, and the girl doesn’t think this will heal,” he explained. did.

Marnove says Al continued for days with his thumb wrapped in honey and soaked in honey. That is what he believes in his healing.

“Today you can’t even see scars, his nails healed perfectly normally, as if they were cut in half.”

Marnove gave the loggerhead turtle a few gallons of honey. Marnove does not remove nutrients in the process of making honey, so it is useful for treatment.

“We have honey taken through a creamy process,” she explained. “It’s wonderful, thick and creamy, so it can be spread out, so I think it’s perfect for sea turtle scratches.”

The Galapagos Islands of sea turtles were injured during an unintended boat strike. Dr. Max Polyak, Rehabilitation Director at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, used Marnove honey to heal wounds.

“Local antibacterial therapy, which is very effective for that,” he said.

Honey is one of several treatments used for turtles. Polyac says it’s special.

“When we use honey as a remedy, they always remember the bees because they did the job,” he said.

This process is very fulfilling for Marnove.

“We can do what we like and help others do what they like,” she said.

This story was originally published by Ashley Walters on WPTV.

Honey locally sourced in Florida helping sea turtles heal Source link Honey locally sourced in Florida helping sea turtles heal

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