Hodel’s Country Diner will close temporarily, owner hopes to reopen in March

Bakersfield, CA (KGET) – Hodel’s has been a popular dining spot in Bakersfield for decades. A family-friendly place for a hearty buffet. However, due to this pandemic, Hodel’s plans will be closed until next spring.

Bob Hodel is the owner of Hodels Country Dining in North Bakersfield. He started the restaurant over 50 years ago and his family has been working there ever since. But tomorrow – Hodel’s will be temporarily closed.

“We are very fortunate to have happened in Hodel over the last 53 years,” said Bob Hodel. “We’ll see what happens in the coming months.”

Hodel says he hopes to resume in March. By that time, customers may see some changes.

“We have some ideas for recreating ourselves to redesign ourselves,” said Hodel. “I repeat, there are many options.”

Hodel says he is considering shutting down the buffet and serving individual plates. But the restaurant will wait until next year.

“It’s progressing in stages for nine months, daily and weekly,” says Hodel. “I’m trying to understand the uncertainty it keeps throwing at us.”

Hodel’s is just one of many restaurants that are closed due to a pandemic. One of Baker’s Field’s oldest relics, the Noriega Hotel Basque Restaurant, had to be completely closed earlier this year.

“Starting and stopping, starting and stopping was very difficult,” says Hodel. “It’s almost impossible because some things need to be ordered 10 days in advance, so it was very difficult.”

According to Hodel, 2019 was the best year, but by 2020, restaurants lost 95% of their revenue. As a result, Hodel can’t afford to stay open. Many friends and locals who heard the news stopped by and squeezed the last meal.

“I’m here today because I heard they’re closed and I said I had to go there,” said frequent customer Gerald Howes.

Bakersfield City Councilman Jackie Sullivan says she frequently attends Hodels as a guest.

“We expect Hodel to be here forever, and hopefully they will come back,” Sullivan said. “It’s a meeting place. You’re always looking at people you know, and Bob is always in the back booth reading his treatise.”

Some of our staff have been working at Hodel’s for over 40 years. One customer says he’s been there since he was a baby.

“I’m 43 and I’ve been here for 43 years,” said frequent customer Rev. Mike Jenkins. “My parents have brought me here since I was a toddler. I really feel that this historic place in Bakersfield should be able to get together to keep it open. . “

Hodel’s Country Diner will close temporarily, owner hopes to reopen in March Source link Hodel’s Country Diner will close temporarily, owner hopes to reopen in March

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