High School Playbook for October 22, 2021: Highlights and scores

October 22, 2021 High School Playbook: Highlights and Scores

>> The highlights and sounds of high school football. KCRA3 “HIGHSCHOOL PLAYBOOK” starts N.OW ♪ DEL: Welcome to KCRA3’s “HIGHSCHOOL PLAYBOOK SHOW”. I’m Dell Rogers. Tonight is the 9th week of the GHHI SCHOOL FOOTBALL season. And we start with El Camino Eagles hosting T DEL CAMPOCOUGARS. After DEL CAMPO regains THE EAL EL CAMINO. Just before half Gecils Scott turns the corner, Endozo, Neon and Eagles lead 22-19 ATHE THALF. In the second half, DEL CAMPO will return from a 10-point deficit. Logan Forsel does not accept the answer, Cougar returns to win at El Camino, with a final score of 339.-2 Ceres, the Central Valley Hawks faced Merced Bear in the Central California conference game. In the first half, Merced’s running back, Chase Smith, will take over, and No. 25 will enter the end zone of Merced Bear 35 yards. Then, by air, the bear will get the job done, Seth Shade throws a strike to knock Evans, which is a 20-yard touchdown pass for Merced. The Merced Bears won the Central Valley with a final score of 54-6. Then, at VISTA DEL LA CGOAME tonight in Sacramento, head down the hill from Folsom to Christian Brothers Falcons. KCRA3’s MICHELE DAPPER details this exciting game. Miffre: A bird battle in which Christian brothers try to protect their nests from eagles. Let’s pick it up in the fourth quarter. One-point game, pitch, SSPOIBLY, this year’s run. He escapes the tackle, stays on his feet, and somehow finds the end zone. With a 37 yard score. Eagles answer. The run game was great. Tyler is in the middle, 32 yards touched. WN 2-point conversion is not good. 40-38. After a high fine by the Falcons, the Eagles are knocking on the door. Peterson steps into the end zone, 45-40 leads. With 20 seconds left, Christian Brothers aim to win. The celebration was short. SCYAR moment when Mason descends in the end zone. The stadium is silent. He was taken outdoors on a stretcher and taken to a hospital. [ALAPPUSE] DELAG LO wins 45-40 with mixed emotions. >> We are telling them, you can celebrate ETH WIN and worry about him. We will reach out this weekend. We want BTES for him. We are pleased to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. ROU GUYS usually we LL balance about it. I’m proud of how they reacted. MICHLEEL: Thoughts and prayers for the family. The Falcons had to Dell the next Campo. In Sacramento, Michael Dapper for High Skull Playbooks. DEL: Great staff. It was a senior night of capital Christians as they hosted the Kosam Oaks Wolfpack. For Wolfpack, Jeremiah King rolls back 8 yards for Cosumnes Oaks Toukdon. Later in the first quarter, Kosamu Oaks extended the lead and Enrique Asebed stabbed it into Wolfpuk.AC and Cosumnes Oaks. BRININURG this week’s “HIGH SCHOOL PLAYBOOK” band for our first scoreset to win 28-24. River City Regiment with 90 members from River City High School. Their band director is Rudy Cisneros. Hit it! ♪ DEL: It’s time to introduce you to our cheer team this week to keep our promise to bring you in all aspects of football on Friday night. It is a VARSYIT cheerleader of 15 members of Dixon High School. DIXON RAMS VARTYSI cheerleaders love to launch fans on the stands and cheer for every game, especially during homecoming games. It does it in the first half of the “Playbook Show”. Appeared after QUKIC COMMERCIALRE BAK and gained fans this week. In addition, it’s time to meet our epic Chevrolet game of the week, but now the official of our “High School Playbook” game of the week-4 varsity crews. The crew chief of WHITE PCA is CALEY MC GOWEN. CALEY has been referencing HH IGSCOLHO FOOTBALL GAMES for 27 years, and when not throwing the yellow flag, CALEYMC GOWEN is a social science teacher NATOMAUN SIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. ♪ DEL: It’s time to introduce our fans this week. You are a fan of the week. >> Yes, I’m a fan of the week. Come on, Rams, we’re going to win tonight. DEL: She saw the future. Welcome to the second half of the “High School Playbook Show”. I’m Dell Rogers. Our KCRA3 “High School Playbook” This week’s epic chevrolet game saw Mesa Verde’s journey across the causeway to play at DIXON in HOCOMIMENG NIGHT. Floats made in each class were on display. They used their defenses to illuminate the scoreboard. During Mesa Verde’s first drive, Mark will choose six for Dixon. He made the first three touchdowns. Mavericks, the only real highlight in the first half is this interception by Garcia. ITID does not end with points. Half-time update, student council president to help me-student council president. >> DIXON wins and wins at the end of the game. DEL: He was right. Rams’ defense was excellent. The second half of the mesa’s huge intercept, RSAM, continues to illuminate the scoreboard. Backup Quarterback Buck Martinez was perfect. He is on the land of QSIX. Rams 51-0 during homecoming games. >> I’m proud of these guys. This is our first home win and will bring great wins. They all did their job. We had some advantages, and they really progressed, progressed, and got better every week. Currently waiting for the league title. [CHEERING] >> HOWDY PHIL NOW? ――How do you feel now? >> As a team member, we had a good week of practice. We came out powerfully this week. L: DE Also, 7-1 ROSEMONT WOLVERINES and its loud fans put it on their home line against GALTWARRIO.RS. It was all ROSEMONT. SEJOPHORTIZ reached out to WAYSHAWN PARKER and WP got it beyond Wolverine’s touchdown goal line. ROSEMONT continued to dominate. This time, Michael Cherry releases, Cherry adds a little whipped cream and dashes 23 yards for a touchdown. ROSEMONT improves to 8-1 and whips GALT WARRIORS, 46-14. Our playbook camera is also in Manteca, and Kimball and Manteca had the same record before the kickoff. KCRA 3’S WILL HERYFORD has a fantastic highlight ral. Will: They started taking on Buffalo. They had the same record. Each loss to Catholic power plant. Kimball will issue a statement early. Here in Colorado, the leader of the state transit yard illuminates it with this beauty. Touchdown. MEN TECH A answers with this blast-up. Lots of large playmakers for both teams. Corn Otto, go to Travis again. There is a solid job here. Blake goes to the left, cuts back to the right, and makes his way to the sideline. He scores to keep this game even. Check this out. Coronado runs to RHT, IG returns to the left, throws across his body, two receivers go up, Clifton comes down and fights for a score. Manteca tries to fight back tonight. He defeated Manteca for the first time in 12 tries since the program started. Kimball, 58-41. >> They come to TOU and try to live up to their expectations. >> I think it’s good to have quarterbacks and know they’re working on the work I’m doing. To put me at the top of the list, it’s not me, it’s also the recipient. WI: LL will be Hayford, KCRA Three Sport. DEL: Also, in “HIGH SCHOOL PLAYBOOK SHOW”, we will shoot two games from LIVECOPTER 3. For the first set of skylights, head to Fairfield, where Rodriguez Mustang played the host in 7-1. The person who brought the record of VACAVILLE BULLDOGS, 6-2. Both of these teams play in the Monticello Imperial League. For Rodriguez, it is Donovan’s army that finds the end zone. But VACAVILLE wins this contest today, final score, 42-7. In the second set of Skylight Shot Florim Becopter 3, C. Head to Vacaville, where Wood Wildcats took over the Winless Fairfield Falcon. Wood took control early on, BA.CK Krishna Clay found Jay Jay Olaes, and he left. 70 yards to find the end zone. C. Wood wins big at home and defeats Fairfield Falcon 70-Nothing. It’s time to show off this week’s “High School Playbook” play, as we do every week during the “High School Playbook Show.” And in the ninth week, we cross the causeway and return to Dixon Home in Rams. There it is number 1 to number 2. Jet Harris fires to mark Bernard, Bernard catches and dashes 20 yards into our “High Shrew” end zone. PLAYBOOK “This week’s play. For the second scoreset, let’s revive this week’s “High School Playbook” band. 90 River City Regiment from River City High School Their band director is Rudisis Neros. Hit it! ♪ DEL: It’s the 9th week. Michelle Dapper will be the rest of Hereford and our “High School Playbook” crew. I’m Dell Rogers. Next Friday night, in the 10th week of the football season, we will be hosting a “Playbook Show”. ♪ [CAPTIONING PERFORMED BY THE NATIONAL CAPTIONING INSTITUTE, WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS CAPTION CONTENT AND ACCURACY. VISIT NCICAP.ORG]

October 22, 2021 High School Playbook: Highlights and Scores

A high school football team in Northern California faced off on Friday night. The match KCRA3 played in this week’s game was Mesa Verde vs. Dixon. Click here for details on the high school playbook.

A high school football team in Northern California faced off on Friday night.

The match KCRA3 played in the Game of the Week was Mesa Verde vs. Dixon.

Click here for details on the high school playbook.

High School Playbook for October 22, 2021: Highlights and scores Source link High School Playbook for October 22, 2021: Highlights and scores

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