Here’s Why ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Skipped Showing Kate and Anthony’s Wedding

Fans Julia Quinn’s book series were naturally curious to see how Netflix succeeded Bridgerton the arrangement would feature Katea and Anthony, a beloved and epic couple. Some of the changes were big – reversible Kate Sheffield Kate to Sharma – and some were small, like changing library life. And some moments were completely left out, like the couple’s wedding.

“There used to be a big wedding,” Cheryl Dunye, one of the directors of the series, explained An insider. “Two wedding performances that were so spectacular that they couldn’t be held one after the other.” Although Dunye was not directly involved in the decision, he understood the authors ‘reasoning: “I was just like,’ Yeah, you would make other weddings look modest if those weddings were bigger.” That makes sense to us. .

Simone Ashley as Kate Sharmana and Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in the second season. Unfortunately, this is not a Bridgerton sex scene.LIAM DANIEL / NETFLIX

Dunye performed episodes that presented the results of the wedding outside the wedding and depicted the couple in the bliss of the honeymoon. “Their love-making was different [from Daphne and Simon’s in season one] in the sense that they were completely equal partners. It was something we saw and that was different but passionately committed, “he said. To show off their mutual sexual equality, Dunye, the Actors and the performance proximity coordinator worked together to find “positions where we both feel happy as partners,” hoping to give the audience the impression that they are in a happy marriage. Mission accomplished.

However, if you are still involved in Kanthony’s wedding, you can always read the book, The deputy who loved me. Although I warn you, you won’t get two weddings for the price of one. In the novel, unlike in the series, Anthony and Edwina do not get to the altar. And there is no Queen Charlotte, such an awesome character he gets his own chain. But it has a bit of Duke Simon Basset, so you might as well read and look to get the big picture.

Here’s Why ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Skipped Showing Kate and Anthony’s Wedding Source link Here’s Why ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Skipped Showing Kate and Anthony’s Wedding

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