Here’s what it’s like inside of Hideaway, the swankiest Crypto.com Arena suite

From one corner, the Hideaway looks like the luxury lounge you’d expect to find on Sunset Boulevard. Like an all-black, marble-filled look at the white bedroom at the end 2001: Space Odysseyit combines classic elements (ornate details, sculpture without limbs and throne-like chairs) with spectacular contemporary décor (speakers built into Gucci wallpaper, a steam fireplace and many illuminated diffusers).

But turn around and you won’t see the horizon of Hollywood: instead you’ll catch the inside of Crypto.com Arena with a perfectly landed view of the Lakers and Clippers home court.

Hideaway is easily the most elegant suite in the Downtown LA arena. And with over $ 2 million, this is the most expensive custom package in the former Staples Center, too, if not the whole country. Even if you could to afford tickets for a game or concert in it, there is still no set price, as the package is only for invitations “for the near future”. But in the end, hospitality entrepreneur Matt Ampolski says Hideaway will be open to the public through its start-up ticket company Granted (for now, you can join the waiting list).

Granted invited us to watch the Lakers vs. Hideaway Clippers game and we were immediately amazed by the size of the space – probably because it was technically two apartments. The Barrett Building Co. project and Anthony W Design demolished the common wall to create a spacious 660-square-foot apartment that looks like nothing else in the arena.

“The goal has always been to create an intimate environment in the apartment, where guests and visitors can enjoy their favorite events in the arena in a new, experienced capacity,” says Ampolski. “From a professional DJ booth and Zoltar machine to unique, custom-built seating, we’re creating a community at Hideaway where tradition and whimsy meet.”

Photo: Provided by Hideaway / Granted

We certainly felt the attraction of the whim while we were there. The perspective from the sideline and the exit line is fantastic, but when the game turned into an explosion, we gravitated towards sinking on the couch in front of a lot a compelling steam fireplace, vying for bath bombs and chewing gum in the nail machine for free play and reading our wealth from Zoltar. (Once you start practicing the art of saying no to things that don’t serve you, you’ll find that your life becomes more whole and less stressful.)

As we talk to a regular visitor to Hideaway, it is clear that so far the space has largely achieved what most apartments are usually used for: attracting customers. But it also lives up to its name: celebrities regularly come for a little discretion or, on the other hand, to start a party behind the DJ booth. The package sometimes even has its own programming, separate from the rest of the arena; in one case, Hideaway hosted a halftime performance by mentalist Simon Winthrop. Ampolski says there are more non-standard experiences like the one planned for Hideaway, and that “some very exciting additional, customized features” will soon debut on Hideaway’s Instagram account.

Photo: Provided by Hideaway / Granted

Tickets for ordinary Lakers seats are already prohibitively expensive, so we can’t even imagine how much an evening at Hideaway will cost once it’s open to the public. But here we hope that you will eventually find your way into a game that will be sent in overtime – because you will want to soak up every possible minute inside.

Here’s what it’s like inside of Hideaway, the swankiest Crypto.com Arena suite Source link Here’s what it’s like inside of Hideaway, the swankiest Crypto.com Arena suite

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