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INDIANAPOLIS – Chargers coach Brandon Staley smiled and his eyes lit up when asked why the wide receiver remains the deepest position in the NFL draft.

Staley was again the enthusiastic football coach who gave thoughtful answers during his NFL Scouting Combine press conference on Wednesday at the Indiana Convention Center.

“I think this class is also very good,” Staley said of the receiver’s prospects. “I think what you’re seeing is these kids coming up today, the passing game is at the forefront of everything they do from when they’re little until they’re in high school. And the pass game is where it is. And you know, with the advent of flag football. “

Staley was not afraid to talk to reporters during his rookie season as head coach, but his responses were shortened toward the end of the 2021 season. Staley was disappointed in his voice the last time he met with the media because blamed the Chargers for missing out on the postseason after a 9-8 campaign that ended in a heartbreaking defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Staley was discouraged because star quarterback Justin Herbert didn’t get a chance to be shown in the playoffs and because of the team’s poor defensive performance, especially against the run.

But the combined is the unofficial start of a new NFL season and that has given Staley energy again when he begins his second year with the Chargers.

“Every time you have system continuity, you really create a comfort zone within the player,” Staley said when asked how he plans to continue Herbert’s development after he became a Pro Bowl quarterback in his second season. “I think that’s something that’s happening to him right now. good or bad “.

Last season, the focus was on improving the offensive line to provide better protection for Herbert. The Chargers signed center Corey Linsley and left guard Matt Feiler and recruited left tackle Rashawn Slater in the first round. Those investments led to a prolific season for Herbert and years of career for receiver Mike Williams and runner Austin Ekeler.

The attack is in good shape for the 2022 season, but the team has to keep investing in the offensive line with the right side in limbo. Right guard Oday Aboushi is a free agent and right tackle Bryan Bulaga is a possible low salary.

Signs point to Staley and Chargers general manager Tom Telesco prioritizing defense this offseason, even though they both say they want to improve the entire squad.

“I think in defense, in front and then in high school, we’re going to see some areas,” Staley said. “But I know Tom talked to you yesterday. I mean, it’s really about building a full football team. That’s the goal of this low season for us, to become a full team.”

Staley, however, made it clear that they will seek to add quarrymen. They have depth issues in that position with cornerback Chris Harris Jr. scheduled to be a free agent and with Michael Davis, who had trouble growing the system and struggled in his first season as the team’s No. 1 cornerback. Asante Samuel Jr. he had an outstanding rookie season, but struggled to stay healthy because of multiple concussions.

Last year, Staley was quick to call Davis as No. 1 cornerback. Staley was not so quick this time around for his second season with the long, athletic cornerback.

“I think Mike is a starting corner in the league,” Staley said. “That No. 1 term is thrown around. There aren’t many of them in the league. So I think (Davis) has improved a lot as a player. He has a much stronger sense of his game. Now, you know, especially playing in our system, that it’s a different system – from a technical point of view, from a schematic point of view, I think they asked him to do a lot of new things.

“He’s had a lot of good times this season. I know he’s really in our facility working hard right now.”

If the Chargers are looking to add quarterbacks to the draft and want one with their No. 17 overall pick, Cincinnati Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Derek Stingley Jr. of LSU and Trent McDuffie of Washington are interesting options, if any of them last that long. long.

Here’s what Chargers coach Brandon Staley said at the NFL Combine – Press Telegram Source link Here’s what Chargers coach Brandon Staley said at the NFL Combine – Press Telegram

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