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Jackie Wattles, CNN Business

Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in the world, is about to embark on a supersonic joyride to the ends of the universe.

He will fly in New Shepard, an orbital capsule and rocket system built by his space company Blue Origin. He has also brought a few guests on this first trip — his brother Mark Bezos. Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pilot and one of the “Mercury 13” Woman; When 18 year old recent high school graduate Named Oliver Damen, the first paid customer on New Shepard.

The take-off-to-landing excursion, which lasts approximately 11 minutes, begins at 8 am on Tuesday, July 20, at the Blue Origin facility in a very remote area near Van Horn, Texas. CT or 9am ET, as long as the weather allows.

The general public can see everything in Blue Origin going down Live stream — This will start rolling at 6:30 am (CT) / 7:30 am (Eastern Standard Time). When the rocket and capsule are launched into space, the viewer can expect an external shot of the rocket and capsule. (Interior shots and Bezos look will not be released until the end of the flight.)

CNN Business will also have a reporter on-site and publish a live blog on Tuesday morning (Here) Live stream feeds will also be delivered.

Blue Origin will also host a post-flight press conference. Bezos And his fellow passengers.

The breakdown of all the important moments of the day is as follows (Note: T- indicates “time before lift-off”; if everything is as planned, “T” is at 9 am (Eastern Time) If there is a weather delay, the following timeline will be retained, but the “T” will change.) ::

  • T-90 minutes: Web cast to start
  • T-45 mins: Astronauts leave Blue Origin’s Astronaut Training Center for launch pad
  • T-30 minutes: Astronaut climbs the launch tower.If everything “goes”, they climb on the crew’s capsule
  • T-24 mins: New Shepard crew capsule hatch closes
  • T0: Lift off
  • T + 3 minutes (approx.): The capsule exceeds 62 miles, the widely recognized boundary of outer space.
  • T + 4 minutes (approx.): The capsule reaches the top of the flight path and passengers spend a few minutes in weightlessness.
  • T + 8 mins: New Shepard rocket booster lands on nearby ground pad
  • T + 11 mins: New Shepard crew capsule with parachute landing nearby
  • T + 22 minutes: Hatch opens and astronauts disembark
  • T + 30 minutes: Webcast conclusion
  • T + 2 hours (approx.): Press conference with Bezos and other astronauts begins

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Here’s what Bezos’ trip to space will look like – KION546 Source link Here’s what Bezos’ trip to space will look like – KION546

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