Here’s Michael Bolton singing about payment for order flow

When we think about the stock market, we don’t think much about Michael Bolton. However, the public, known as the “Investment Social Network,” was envious of Robin Hood’s attention in the press, so he hired Bolton to revamp his 1989 hit, “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.” The new version is a grief about paying for order flows, which has recently been the subject of Reddit’s wrath and was the focus of a house hearing survey.

Bolton is absolutely solemn at first — to the point of convincing me that this is a hostage proof video. But his voice is as beautiful as he starts singing. This isn’t the first time he has despised the image of the late 80’s / early 90’s as an adorable crooner.He did something similar Panela of “When a man loves a woman”. In both cases he was paid And He showed that he had a good sense of humor. Good for him!

Bolton’s lamenting practice is controversial, paying for order flows, and has recently been the target of Reddit’s anger. Market makers are paying to see some of the individual investors’ transactions.This is possible Theoretically Allows orders to be advanced, but It’s illegal Also, individually, it is not very profitable for market makers. (Most of Reddit’s anger assumed that front-line retail transactions were the entire point of payment for order flows.) Payments are part of the reason why apps such as Robinhood can offer transactions for free. ..

And no doubt, the public is aiming for Robin Hood.After the turmoil Around Robin Hood During ~ GameStop blunder, Open to the public Order flow will no longer be paid..The day before Robin Hood was asked about paying an order flow last week Mainly inconsistent House subcommittee hearings, Public announced that it has raised $ 220 million.. The next day, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) asked Robin Hood CEO Vladimir Tenev whether he promised to send revenue from the payment of the order flow to his customers.

To continue to put pressure on Robin Hood, the public offers to cover all charges to transfer from your previous brokerage firm to itself.

In his second lively video, Bolton said: You’ve done it. Congratulations on your farewell to the securities company. He also says that once you’re public, you can follow him. this is true! This is his portfolio.. He hasn’t invested in Panera — it’s on his “watchlist” — but Amazon, Apple, Disney, Peloton, and Spotify are all part of his public portfolio.Well, investing in Spotify is probably a better way to make money from it Waiting for royalty payment..

Here’s Michael Bolton singing about payment for order flow Source link Here’s Michael Bolton singing about payment for order flow

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