Here’s how much PG&E customers will pay after rate increase approval

The California Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to approve PG&E’s request to increase its rates.

Most of the funding from the new rate increase will go toward safety improvements like underground power lines which the utility company says will eliminate risk of wildfires by 98-percent.

Many PG&E customers are not happy with the increase as it is another added cost.

“It’s a big increase and the problem is not only the PG&E, everything is increasing — our groceries, our bills for our utilities — so I think it will be too much for everyday hardworking people to accommodate that increase. It’s a bit too much,” said Riman Alfadel, PG&E customer.

PG&E calls the rate increase an investment in safety.

“It is critical that we underground lines to permanently reduce the risk of wildfire. It is critical that we are investing in our gas line infrastructure and inspecting our gas line infrastructure to ensure our hometowns are safe. It’s critical that we are investing in the grid to keep up with the demand of California’s electrification and California’s climate goals as well,” said Carina Corral, PG&E spokesperson.

The average electric bill for a non-CARE residential customer on the Central Coast is $190 and will increase by $22 next year. In 2025, an additional $1.75 will be added. And in 2026, monthly bills will be reduced by $7.50.

CARE, or California Alternate Rates for Energy, is one of PG&E’s assistance programs that lowers bills for those who qualify.

Despite the frustration of the increased cost on their electric bills, some customers understand the reasoning behind it.

“Definitely doing the improvement that we needed. It’s already high enough. I think it would cover the improvement that PG&E is planning to do,” Alfadel added.

The rate increase goes into effect on January 1. Here’s how much PG&E customers will pay after rate increase approval

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