‘Heartbroken’ family hunts for justice in shooting death of 12-year-old

San Diego — Almost 2 Weeks Later A 12-year-old boy was shot dead by a drifting bullet At Thanksgiving, the search for his family’s answers is not over yet.

Thanksgiving in the Skyline district A photo of the 12-year-old Angel Domingo Gaspargaregos killed in a 2021 shooting. (Photo: Galegos family)

On Wednesday, a local community group and San Diego County district lawyer Summer Stephan investigated the San Diego Skyline district to uncover potential leads in the November 25 Angel Galegos shooting. Galegos, a student at Parkway Middle School, was hit by a lost bullet when he was outside his family’s home near 7400 Cahill Drive around 9:30 pm.

No arrests have been made for Gallegos’s death, and no information has been released about the suspect.

“We are united trying to move forward,” said his aunt Maria Gaspar Casillas. “I’m still saddened. I’m still waiting for an answer.”

A Galegos monument was erected outside the skyline grounds and candles were lit for 12 consecutive days after his death.Family it is Visitors drawn from all edges of San Diego County People come to pray, leaving flowers behind.

Galegos Placed to rest on Tuesday After the funeral at the Church of Our Lady of the Angels of Sherman Heights.

Helping to find the answer were mothers with messages and supporters from several other community groups who visited the neighborhood, knocked on the door, and talked to their neighbors.

Gaspar-Casillas says the level of support has eased some of the family’s grief.

“It’s a little reassuring to know that when such a tragedy happens, there are people who devote themselves to these causes, and that we are not alone,” she said.

Stephan also promised to stay at home with her team members and continue to work on her support and incident.

“This kid is all of us,” Stephan said. “We intend to prioritize it, and the answer may not seem to come, but the investigation is ongoing. That is a priority.”

A monument honoring the 12-year-old Angel Domingo Gaspar Gallegos will be screened on Monday, November 29, 2021 near 7400 Cahill Drive in San Diego’s Skyline district. Galegos was killed after being hit by a drifting bullet on Thanksgiving Day last week. (Khrystyne Valena, FOX 5)

But she admits that it’s likely that someone depends on speaking to share what they know about the shots fired on that fateful Thanksgiving night.

“I hope you find in your heart that it is in your heart to help our family get the answers we need,” Gaspar-Casillas said.

Those with information about the shooting were urged to call the SDPD Murder Unit (619-531-2293) or the San Diego County Crime Stopper (888-580-8477).

‘Heartbroken’ family hunts for justice in shooting death of 12-year-old Source link ‘Heartbroken’ family hunts for justice in shooting death of 12-year-old

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