‘He raped my son’: Violent court outburst as Kingsburg child sex convict delays punishment

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) — A violent outburst disrupted court Tuesday morning after a victim’s family discovered that Kingsburg man who admitted to child sex crimes will not be punished as planned.

The family’s anger had simmered for months as Brandon Howard’s case worked its way through the court system.

On Tuesday, their anger boiled over and instead of the sex offender going to jail, it was three members of the victim’s family in trouble.

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The problem started with a push.

It ended with one victim’s brother in jail for allegedly assaulting a law enforcement officer, with his mother and father charged with misdemeanors.

“Rape my son,” the mother yelled from the courthouse hallway as sheriff’s deputies detained her. “You do not understand. Rape my son.”

Police say 19-year-old Brandon Howard used his position at a retail store to coerce underage teenagers into sexual activity.

In May, Howard pleaded guilty to three felony counts of sex crimes involving minors.

The mother who stalked Howard on Tuesday told Action News in May that she expected to walk away with minimal punishment.

“I’m numb,” she said. “I just want him to stay in jail for as long as possible and always have to register as a sex offender.”

Sentencing was scheduled for Tuesday, and because he is not in custody, Howard stood a few feet away from the mother as she asked the judge to delay his sentence.

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After she pushed, sheriff’s deputies say the victim’s father pulled her out of the courtroom.

Meanwhile, a brother charged in Howard’s direction before being taken down by two police officers.

The father returned to the courtroom with his fist clenched.

When he pulled away, Howard grabbed the side of his head with an obvious injury.

“You know, it’s very moving to watch,” said legal analyst Tony Capozzi. “You can feel sorry for this family. You can just feel the emotion of the family and see someone in court who did something to their child. It’s hard not to react the way he did, but you can’t do that.”

Howard will now be back in court in September, but the victim’s three family members will not be allowed in the courtroom.

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‘He raped my son’: Violent court outburst as Kingsburg child sex convict delays punishment Source link ‘He raped my son’: Violent court outburst as Kingsburg child sex convict delays punishment

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