HBO Max isn’t streaming Shang-Chi, Candyman or Free Guy

HBO Max is currently streaming a new movie from Warner Bros. on the same day it was released in theaters.

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HBO Max Became synonymous with streaming New theatrical movieThanks to an unprecedented number of films being streamed there at no additional cost on the same day they were shown in US cinemas. But don’t come to HBO Max this weekend, hoping to see the latest three big movies in theaters.No Marvel‘NS Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring, Horror sequel Candyman Video game comedy Free Guy You can stream it on HBO Max.But this weekend teeth Last chance to stream Suicide squad Before disappearing from HBO Max for a few months.

Because it’s the only movie HBO Max The stream is a Warner Bros. movie while they are still in the theater. Suicide squad, The WB movie finishes running the first HBO Max at the end of Sunday.However Xiangqi, Candyman and Free Guy are distributed by other companies. (However Candyman And free guy Will Eventually landed on HBO Max, Shang-Chi Disney plus In about a month and a half. )

HBO Max I made a wave when I announced last year Stream New movie released in theaters Warner Bros. Studios They came out on the big screen in 2021 on the same day at no extra charge. Godzilla vs Kong, In heights When Space Jam: New Legacy Earlier this year and upcoming releases Dunes When Matrix 4.. The latest two WB movies, Suicide squad When Recollection, Currently streaming on HBO Max.

But that also means that movies from other studios won’t show Max on the same day.

This strategy is causing false hope among movie fans. Any A new movie will be shown in the theater.Without knowing the studio distributing that new flick, many people are interested in it being probably one of the movies available in HBO Max that too.

Warner Bros. Pictures has a direct pipeline to Max, as both HBO Max and Warner Bros. are owned and operated by AT & T. WarnerMedia.. They are siblings in nature.

However, keep in mind that this hybrid strategy is unique to Warner Bros. and HBO. No other Hollywood studio is so aggressive in getting so many movies (including those from Megabudget) into streaming services right away at no extra charge.

In fact, the hybrid release strategy is so aggressive that WarnerMedia will end after 2021. After 2022, Warner Bros. movies will have a 45-day window only in theaters before moving to other formats such as online rental and HBO Max. .. However, the theater window will be much shorter than it was before the pandemic.

Can Marvel Xiangqi be streamed on HBO Max?

No. Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring Only available at the cinema from Friday. However, you will be able to stream it elsewhere. Disney plus, About a month and a half since the theatrical release.

Xiangqi Disney is returning to pre-pandemic theater-only standards.It will be the first Marvel A movie that has only been released in theaters since Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home was released in July 2019.

However, Shang-Chi will be streamed to Disney Plus in mid-October at no additional cost to subscribers.

For more information, CNET has a dedicated explainer for the details. Release of Xiangqi..

Can Candyman be streamed on HBO Max or Netflix?

number, CandymanDistributed by Universal, is only available in theaters.

However, HBO has what is known as the Pay One License Agreement with Universal. In short, HBO is where Universal movies are first shown on television and streaming services. However, HBO and HBO Max will not be reached until the movie is first sold in theaters, then as an online rental, and finally on Blu-ray and DVD. Normally, these Peiwan movies tend to be streamed about nine months after their theatrical release, but Candyman’s date hasn’t been announced yet.

Anyway, HBO Max will start streaming sometime next year before any other service.

When is the Free Guy streaming release?

Free Guy isn’t streaming anywhere so far. Also, Free Guy is distributed by 20th Century Studios, which is part of Disney, so it will not be directed to Max or Netflix now or in the near future.Disney is giving Free Guy Starting August 13th, you will not be able to stream anywhere exclusively in the theater for 45 days while in the cinema.

However, the first place you can stream Free Guy is likely to be HBO Max, not in the months. Disney owns the Free Guy distributor 20th Century, and yes, Disney owns the streaming services Disney Plus and Full. But movie licensing is complicated. A few years ago, HBO locked the right to be the first place to stream 20th century movies. Therefore, HBO Max will be the first streaming service to get Free Guy under an existing license agreement, even though Disney has owned it for years in the 20th century.

However, HBO Max has no plans to start streaming Free Guy until about 6-9 months after its release in theaters.

What about other movies currently on sale? Is Green Night streaming? Jungle Cruise? Foot patrol?

None of them are in Max, but there is a way to stream them.

Green knight Distributed by A24 and limited to theaters for several weeks.After streaming One-night-only virtual screening, Currently moving to online rental. It’s unclear when and where you can stream with your subscription.

Jungle cruise Not in Max, but can be streamed Disney plus.. As part of Disney Plus Premier access model, Jungle cruise (For that matter, Black Widow) can be streamed if Disney Plus members pay an additional $ 30 in addition to the regular cost of the subscription.

Foot Patrol: MovieAvailable for streaming from Nickelodeon, Paramount Plus.. Unlike most streaming services in its range, Paramount Plus offers a 7-day free trial for new sign-ups.

So what’s the new movie you can stream on HBO Max while you’re in the theater?

All of these titles will be available on HBO Max on the same day they were screened in US theaters.

Normally, most of the new Warner Bros. movies will be available for streaming at Max at 12:01 PT / 3:01 AMET on the release date. However, the arrival time of other films may vary depending on when the first film is shown in the theater. For example, Wonder Woman 1984 became available on December 25th at 9am (Pacific Standard Time) / noon (Eastern Standard Time). The suicide squad is on the same ship and arrives at the service at a different time than usual.

All Warner Bros. movies released on this “hybrid” model of HBO Max are available in 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR quality, but these formats are not yet standard in the full Max library.

Several movies have already come and gone, such as Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs. Kong. However, all of these Warner Bros. movies will return to HBO Max for streaming in the months following their release. Wonder Woman 1984, for example, returned to HBO Max for streaming after ending service in January during theatrical release.

However, 2021 will be the only year of this phenomenon, with new big-screen movies being streamed on HBO Max as soon as they are shown in theaters. Warner Bros. says that 10 studio-produced films will be sent directly to HBO Max in 2022, but large franchise films will be in theaters for 45 days without streaming options from next year to that period. It will be published exclusively.

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