HBO Max is Dying: Did 90 Day Fiance Kill Warner Bros?

Netflix has been sabotaging its own brand for some time now catastrophic laughable decisions.

Now HBO Max has just invited Netflix to “hold my beer.”

Discovery recently acquired Warner Bros. and this horrific merger has become the swan song of the best streaming service.

Warner Bros. has existed since before the brothers settled in Hollywood. Did 90 day fiance kill this entertainment behemoth?

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We can’t stress enough that HBO Max has been knocking it out of the park for quite some time now.

In 2016, DC Comics (owned by Warner Bros) first dropped hints that it would launch a streaming service.

DC Universe, a streaming service and comic book reading app, launched with huge success.

In addition to capturing the nostalgia of familiar, now streamable features, the service offered new material.

The highly anticipated new season Young justice helped create the hype. So did he The Titans premiere.

Other hits, e.g Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn, followed. DC Universe exceeded expectations.

It was only natural that the folks at Warner Bros. saw that their niche streaming app was a success.

Imagine if Disney had started with a Marvel-only app before Disney Plus launched its full lineup.

This is more or less what happened. DC Universe television was moved to a new service. HBO Max was born.

HBO Max’s timing couldn’t have been better.

With the COVID-19 pandemic making going to the theater either impossible or fatally irresponsible in 2020, people needed access to the movies.

For the first time, “Home Box Office” lived up to its name – subscribers were offered free movies. Some came to theaters and HBO Max at the same time.

HBO Max offers plenty of content from Warner Bros. properties, including exciting blasts from the past.

More DC Comics properties were shown, including new seasons of DC Universe shows.

The new streaming giant also announced a long-awaited surprise remaster of the beloved sci-fi classic Babylon 5.

But where HBO Max really blew other streaming services out of the water was in its latest original programming.

The streaming service had some technical issues when it launched, it’s true.

But in 2022, the app worked flawlessly… and absolutely dominated the streaming market.

Peacemaker remains one of the best television shows anyone has seen, let alone superhero shows.

(Notice that The guards series fits the same description … and also airs on HBO Max)

Then came the surprise, Our flag means deathcomedy that remained the most requested stream for over a month after the season finale.

Before HBO Max is just a fond memory, you should check it out most if not all of the programs we have mentioned here.

It’s not just us – every show we mention is critically acclaimed.

Unfortunately, as we all know, we live in a corporate hellscape where giant corporations consume each other.

Roswell, New Mexico returns to The CW next season. Hooray, right?

Sometimes a company buys another because combining technology or networks simply makes sense.

Sometimes one company buys another only to destroy it because the fancy paperwork said it was a good idea.

This is how companies like Toys R Us are dismantled. Apparently this is what is happening now to most of Warner Bros.

This Arrowverse series is fun. It makes sense then that the CW wants to keep it.

Earlier this year, the CW had a red wedding.

A number of shows—particularly series focused on BIPOC and LGBTQ+ stories—were abruptly canceled.

At the time, most assumed this was because the CW was up for sale and thus in a state of limbo.

Samantha Bee Speaks Out With Ivanka Trump's Offensive C-ntroversionSamantha Bee Speaks Out With Ivanka Trump's Offensive C-ntroversion

However, now it seems to fit a larger model.

TBS and TNT’s original scripted content is canceled, incl Full front with Samantha Bee.

One show can have up and down ratings. Several channels lose all original programming a massacre.

Then things got worse. This week the world learned it Batgirl will never see the light of day.

The movie is done. Warner Bros. spent $90 million. The cast and directors were all excited to see it.

Is the movie bad? It doesn’t sound like it. Allegedly, Warner Brothers Discovery wants all DC movies to be huge plays.

And then things got even worse.

On Wednesday, more and more detailed reports emerged about the terrifying plans Discovery has for HBO Max.

HBO Max is reportedly about to lose around 70% of its development staff as it ditches nearly all of its original programming.

If reports are true, HBO Max will soon become a footnote In Discovery’s own Discovery Plus application.

Can you imagine? We are talking about one of the biggest and probably the best streaming services out there.

It’s becoming just another tab in the app where people take funny screenshots of Big Ed.

Girlfriend Politely Asked Big Ed Brown to STFU: Stop Being Rude!Girlfriend Politely Asked Big Ed Brown to STFU: Stop Being Rude!

(Like this)

HBO Max has already “quietly” removed some movies from the platform.

Analysts have explained that Discovery basically pulls a Producersmake more money by reducing and sabotaging their own content.

This has actually been happening for some time.

People on social media have gone through the catastrophic and sometimes inexplicable choices that Discovery has made.

Discovery seems to be destroying Warner Bros properties … including several completed projects.

When the first ominous whispers of Discovery being bought by the WB spread, it sounded like a joke.

You know 30 Rock when the running joke is that NBCUniversal is owned by a company called Sheinhardt Wigs?

This is what this feels like, but much worse. How did this happen?

Simply put, Discovery has made a lot of money filming cheap reality shows and made huge profits.

90 day fiance was a departure from Discovery’s brand of almost exclusively documenting white, straight, Christian families.

But the massive success of the franchise helped launch the Discovery Plus app… and also helped create another nightmare.

Right now, so much of the streaming world looks bleak. Even exciting projects

Let’s hope that the huge public outcry on social media will tempt Discovery (or the shareholders) into making less catastrophic choices.

It’s hard to keep hope for a better world. Especially when the wacky FTC allows such restrictions to happen.

HBO Max is Dying: Did 90 Day Fiance Kill Warner Bros? Source link HBO Max is Dying: Did 90 Day Fiance Kill Warner Bros?

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