Hayward Unified to return to in-person instruction following week of distance learning, warnings

Hayward, CA (KGO)-The Hayward Unified Community can expect so-called “soft entry” at the end of the district. Distance Education Week with COVID-19..

District leaders have been warned not to virtualize. It’s an option that can cost them millions every day.

When students return on the 18th, new safety measures will include shortened lesson days to give students and staff access to the afternoon COVID-19 test provided by the district.

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Director Dr. Matt Wayne explains: Postpone the research trip. “

The school district’s school board meets on Friday night to expand distance learning and decide whether to continue the risk of a potential $ 2.5 million daily financial loss that keeps the campus closed. Did.

“Before reaching this omicron stage of the pandemic, they were already working on some difficult financial decisions,” said Michele Smith McDonald of the Alameda County Department of Education prior to the meeting on Friday. “If that happens, it certainly doesn’t make this easy.”

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Smith McDonald said that almost every other district in the county continues to provide face-to-face instruction.

“The state has given schools two ways,” she added. “Face-to-face instruction, or parental choice for independent research.”

Self-study is aimed at parents who are reluctant to send their children back to school for direct learning. This option requires parents to sign a contract with the school district. This allows students to complete school work with little supervision and meet the curriculum adopted by the school district.

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This is different from distance learning, where the school campus was closed and teachers were teaching classes online. Distance learning is no longer an option in the California district.

The Friday meeting had various reactions to Tuesday’s return.

A woman who identified herself as a district teacher told the board that “what you are talking about is not enough, it is not.”

“Help us with the children,” the father, who has children in the district, told the board. “And online is not good for our kids.”

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The board voted 3 to 2 in favor of meeting in person.

Prior to the official vote, Councilor Ken Rhodon told his colleagues, “It’s not perfect, but we’re currently trying to do everything we can to work with states and counties.”

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Hayward Unified to return to in-person instruction following week of distance learning, warnings Source link Hayward Unified to return to in-person instruction following week of distance learning, warnings

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