Hays County Food Bank recognizes Spring Harvest winners

Hays County Food Bank recently identified two teams that participated in the Spring Harvest Food Drive Challenge.

The food bank said the food movement was created to make groups focus on fresh and not just canned food. Iron Ox – a fairly new farming site in Lockhart that uses robotic and artificial intelligence to ensure that every plant receives optimal levels of sunshine, water and nutrients – and the Kyle Fire Department team, Living Word Lutheran Church and The Kyle Lions Club were recognized for their efforts during this year’s dining route.

“Hays County Food Bank believes that food is a basic right and that everyone deserves access to healthy food,” the food bank said in a press release. “Their goal is to provide each household with a variety of foods, ⅓ of which are fresh produce. While canned goods are always a hot product, fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the most sought after items. The rising cost of food means that fresh produce can be much harder to find for the average family. For those in need of food aid, regular access to fresh food can be almost impossible.

“While any vegetable is better than no vegetable, canned foods tend to have a higher sodium content and there may be a lack of variety. Having a good combination of canned and fresh items in your kitchen can create healthier meals. “

Iron Ox donated 585 pounds of healthy lettuce and various basil. The team including the Kyle Fire Department, the Living Word Lutheran Church and the Kyle Lions Club brought the most pounds of food from their “Fill the Firetruck” event. They were given the food bank’s travel trophy and volunteered to distribute food to Kyle. The HCFB said these organizations worked hard to raise and donate 28 1,287 to help feed our local families in need.

“The food bank hopes everyone had a great time collecting and donating food for a good cause,” HCFB said. “In this type of competition, our community is the real winner. “While those groups that offered the most kilos of food received special recognition, each group that participated felt good about helping to ensure that their neighbors would continue to have access to nutritious food.”

The food bank amassed 1,065 pounds of fresh produce and 5,055 pounds of food firmly on the shelf during this food promotion challenge. The HCFB added that hundreds of struggling families have benefited from this food effort, and the food bank hopes people have been inspired to donate food or funds regularly throughout the year.

“Hunger knows no bounds and the food bank is working to provide an ongoing variety of nutritious food to those seeking food aid,” the HCFB said.

For more information, visit haysfoodbank.org or visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @HaysFoodBank.

Information provided by Hays County Food Bank

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Hays County Food Bank recognizes Spring Harvest winners Source link Hays County Food Bank recognizes Spring Harvest winners

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