Hawkeye review: A grounded Marvel show show with all-too-human heroes

It’s the greatest time of the year for Hawkeye stars Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner.

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There were many this year.So this Thanksgiving, I’m grateful Hawkeye..

Marvel’s latest Disney Plus series is a fun, bohemian action show that is energized by stealing scenes. Hailee Steinfeld, A person who joins a moody shooter Jeremy Renner For some good, honest and comfortable viewing.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye will be streamed on Disney Plus on November 24th. Then the rest of the 6-episode series arrives every Wednesday until Christmas. That is, you can save them for a festive fuss. On the cozy side, Renner, as an archery-themed Avenger Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye), is about to return to his beloved family in time for Christmas. And if you’re fed up with family nonsense, maybe you’ll feel the atmosphere with the complex family dynamics that his new sidekick Kate Bishop encounters in his fairytale life with his evil stepfather. prize.

The show begins with a focus on Kate, the new character on our screen that is already part of it. Marvel Cinematic Universe: She is one of the many invisible ordinary people who have influenced her life and are not good, with the super-powerful Shenanigan unfolded on the big screen over the last decade.Even the opening title focuses on Kate, where she is True Grit, Dickinson, and Bumblebee..

On a scale of imagination from punching up on the ground to fantasy space flight, Wandavision When Loki It was a spiritually original trip to the more surrealistic range of Marvel folklore, Falcon & Winter Soldier It was an action story with far more meat and potatoes. Inspired by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja’s entertaining and grounded 2012 comics, the Hawkeye series deals with overhuman heroes, family politics, and dirty street crime, a spectrum of Marvel’s weirdness. It’s at the very end. The fun comes not from the ingenuity that bothers the head, but from the energy of the show. The battle scene is enthusiastic about kinetic energy, all carried by the leading actors sparking each other.

Kate is a rich child with a tip on his shoulder, annoying his mother, Vera Farmiga (Last seen in the first part of The Sopranos Many saints of Newark). Kate is a talented martial artist and archer, not to mention a big Hawkeye fan. The best part of the show is the classic companion pairing between an enthusiastic youth and a moody mentor, with Steinfeld and Renner sparking each other for interesting effects.

Renner and Steinfeld embark on a journey together in Hawkeye.

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Meanwhile, Hawkeye himself was temporarily rebranded as a violent guard Ronin during Brip, the year Thanos wiped out half of the galaxy’s population, including Hawkeye’s wife and children. He is pulled back into the violent underground world in search of the suit he was wearing. The New York setting changes from a high-society murder mystery to a street-level punch-up in a way that reminds fans of Daredevil, a previous attempt to bring the MCU to a smaller screen.

In 2015, Daredevil was the beginning of an unprecedented, then-bold experiment, leading a series of four interconnected Netflix shows starring Marvel Heroes who haven’t yet appeared on the MCU. Daredevil, Marvel Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist (and the Spin-off Punisher) are gritty action dramas set in the shadows of New York City, and Hawkeye is more like them than anything else across the MCU.There is even a sequence of long-running battles reminiscent of showpieces One-shot punch-up at Daredevil (Excuse me while I go out to see them on YouTube).

again. In the first two episodes, Hawkeye is generally more friendly than the dark Netflix show, which was absorbent but cumulatively a bit dragged. On paper, Hawkeye is doing about the tortured hero, but this is about the Ronin’s entire business: it doesn’t work. Clint’s loss seems to have driven him to betray his morality as a vicious murderer. Unfortunately, that’s not what the endgame showed us. Thanks to Marvel’s family-friendly tones and all the huge amount of other things that had to fit in the movie, what was actually displayed on the screen was Clint getting a junk haircut and gangstering. I just lost. This is literally what superheroes usually do (although dispatching gangsters, that is, stupid haircuts are also quite common). OK, so he sliced ​​people with a frowning sword in the circle of superheroes, but we knew that Clint should have crossed the moral line because he wasn’t silent about it. increase.

Even more influential is Clint’s loss of Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, who lost the battle against Thanos in the endgame.This summer Black Widow movie Served as a late moment in the spotlight of Scarlett Johansson, And it also adds a layer to Renner’s relatively simple character.Connect to Black Widow post-credit scene, Suggests that the series bring together new hires stealing two scenes as a breakout for Steinfeld and Black Widow. Florence Pugh It is set to confront.

Overall, Hawkeye is not an antihero who has been tortured for reimbursement. He’s just grumpy Jeremy Renner looking around. And the show almost knows this and stabs him into action scenes that are more playful than dangerous. Especially in Episode 2, both Clint and Kate engage in mock combat that is fun to watch rather than harming their health.

Combined with stupid pieces like the comical villain Tracksuit Mafia and the musical about Steve Rogers and The Avengers (get enough screen time in Episode 1), Hawkeye creates a fun festive treat.The comparison of Daredevil and its likes is for many fans There are too many of those showsGives them a suspicious distinction that makes the MCU feel unnecessary.How 14 more Marvel series confirmed for Disney PlusI feel like the fans will be overwhelmed again.

But don’t worry about this holiday season. Pack a lot of turkey and warmed up Hawkeye.

Hawkeye review: A grounded Marvel show show with all-too-human heroes Source link Hawkeye review: A grounded Marvel show show with all-too-human heroes

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