Have the Time of Your Life in Arizona—4 Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

If you’ve caught the travel bug, the next logical step would be a weekend getaway to cure yourself and recharge your batteries. With our busy schedules and long working hours, it’s not always possible to take some time off and enjoy life. That’s why many Americans take advantage of their weekends, as it’s the only free time they can afford. Instead of taking long vacations, they prefer to explore nearby states and cities for a short break and then be back in the office on Monday. Remember—establishing a work-life balance is of the essence; unless your goal is to go mad by the time you’re 30.

Apart from the flashy and extravagant tourist attractions such as NY and LA, people often add Arizona to their list of places to see since its scenery and natural wonders are nothing if not breathtaking. So, if you’re looking for a short trip destination that will make you forget about the workload waiting for you back home, then Arizona is the place to go. Keep reading as we let you in on four fun things that will take your trip to another level.

Soak in the scenery

Since Arizona is located in the heart of the American Southwest, it is home to many natural beauties such as the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. In addition, its capital Phoenix is a great place to get some rest and enjoy the urban surroundings. One could say that Arizona represents a perfect balance between history and the modern age. Naturally, it would be mission impossible to visit all of these awe-inspiring sights in two days, but that doesn’t mean you should delete sightseeing from your itinerary.

Make a list of the top three places you’d like to see, and leave the rest for another time. It would be a shame to miss out on all the marvelous wonders Arizona has to offer. Its waterfalls, canyons, lakes, and even a volcano are a sight for sore eyes, so be sure to check some of these out.

Awaken your adventurous spirit

The breadth of outdoor activities is what draws those seeking adventure to Arizona every year. As mentioned in the above paragraph, the Grand Canyon is one of the must-see destinations, but it also encompasses numerous opportunities to put your adventurous spirit to the test.

For instance, you can put on your hiking boots and go on a backpacking tour through the Grand Canyon to truly get a taste of its beauty and vastness of space. Plus, you can book a rafting trip down the Colorado River, but have in mind that this requires you to be in good form to master this challenging adventure.

Shop until you drop

Once you’ve soaked in the gorgeous landscape, it’s the perfect time to do some shopping and maybe buy some souvenirs for your loved ones. Arizona, specifically Scottsdale, takes pride in its luxurious shopping malls, where you can find just about anything under the sun. The Fashion Square is a destination for all the shopaholics that are willing to spend some of that hard earned money. Not only can you treat yourself to some chic clothes, but you can also grab a bite after an exhausting day.

Also, if you’re looking to buy some high-quality jewelry pieces, find time to shop at Scottsdale’s local jewelry stores where you’ll find the most stunning pieces to add to your collection, ranging from classy diamond necklaces to leather band wrist watches.

Try a tasty dish or two

Whenever you visit a new country or city, it’s tradition to try some of their specialties because the best way to get to know another culture is through food. Arizona has a couple of signature dishes that a first-time visitor must taste. The top recommendations include cheese crisps, piki bread, Navajo tacos, and last, but not least—chimichangas.

The specter of different flavors will leave you wanting more and coming back to Arizona. It’s advisable to google some local restaurants to see which places guests recommend. There are some hidden gems that only locals know about, so you’d be wise to listen to their suggestions.

The bottom line

Hopefully, the article has inspired you to immediately pack your bags and book a hotel in Arizona. This state is a balanced blend of tradition and urbanism and there’s a place for every tourist that comes to explore it.


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