‘Haunted’ house in San Diego tours, tickets available

San Diego — Do you have the courage to step into Whey House? With the coronavirus pandemic and management changes, the historic San Diego facility has returned to the tour after an “18-month sleep”, so there’s no better excuse.

Known as “America’s Most Haunted House,” the Whey House has been on San Diego Avenue in the heart of the Old Town since 1857. Not only as a family home, but also as a grocery store, court, theater and ultimately a museum. ..

From a series of tragic events on the premises of the house to the hangman’s hangman in the town that once stood in the backyard, the house has a “mysterious and chilling past,” and the infamous thief James ” Criminals such as “Yankee Jim” Robinson were hanged. Visitors claim to hear and see spirits on their home tours and are featured in all sorts of “ghost hunter” shows, including appearances on SYFY and Discovery Channel.

The actor portrays members of the Whaley family at “America’s Most Haunted House” on San Diego Avenue in the Old Town. (Photo: History Tour)

If you have the courage, you can access the new managed site. Old Town Trolley Tour offers self-guided tours during the day and guided evening tours from 5 pm to 10 pm.

You can visit with or without a daytime tour reservation and you can pay $ 14 for adults and $ 10 for children. Reservations are required for PG-13 rated evening tours and cost $ 18 for both adults and children (people under the age of 12 must be accompanied, not recommended).

“The house was closed from March 2020, which allows the Old Town Trolley Tour to invite a team of designers and artists to stay in the 1850s landmark home style and atmosphere. We have given time to make corrections, “the company said in a news release. “We want to share the whole story about Whey House with our guests … good, bad, and ghostly.”

The story behind the “ghost” of the house originates primarily from a series of misfortunes that struck the San Diego pioneer Thomas Wayley, the origin of the house’s name.

“Over the years, many descendants of the Whaley family, including Thomas, Anna and their children Lillian, Thomas, Violet, and Francis, have lived and died,” the museum staff explained. “The first baby Thomas in the family was always close, as reported by many who visited the house. They were small footsteps, his crying, and when no one was visible. I could even hear the sound of laughing.

“Others have reported seeing a young woman still living in sadness on the second floor of what appears to be a poor violet house. She often lives after divorce and before committing suicide. It seems that she is staying near the second floor where she spent her time. It is said that the inside of the house becomes quite cold and her presence can be felt everywhere. “

You can learn more and buy tickets Historic tour website..

‘Haunted’ house in San Diego tours, tickets available Source link ‘Haunted’ house in San Diego tours, tickets available

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