Harris headlines unity summit for AAPI community

Vice President Kamala Harris will be the keynote speaker for the Virtual Unification Summit for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders this week. Racially Motivated Crime During a Pandemic Growing as a voting block.

Harris, the first Vice President of South Asian descent, will address Wednesday at the first unified summit of the AAPI Victory Alliance and the AAPI Victory Fund, the group told CNN. Celebrities such as Tan France and Simriu, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Democratic Senator, Tammy Duckworth, Illinois, Mazie Hirono, Hawaii, and Cory Booker, New Jersey, will be featured in a virtual event entitled “From Victory to Unity.” I will appear.

Varun Nikore, Executive Director of the AAPI Victory Alliance and President of the AAPI Victory Fund, said: “Vice President Harris is inspiring all our AAPI kids who now know that the sky is the limit and you can do whatever they are aiming for in this country.”

Hate crimes against Asians reported in 16 of the largest cities and counties in the United States have increased by 164% since this time last year, according to a study by the Center for Hatred and Radicalism at California State University San Bernardino. A separate survey from Stop AAPI Hate There were at least 2,410 anti-Asian hatred cases in the first three months of this year, announced earlier this month.

Hate crimes against Asians are often underreported due to the lack of mandatory domestic reporting requirements by police agencies, but suffer from long-standing distrust of law enforcement agencies, language barriers, immigration status, and more. Other factors that can discourage calling the police are also causes. ..

The advent of Harris during the AAPI Heritage Month is the latest expression of solidarity with the Vice President’s community. After a shooting in the Atlanta area Killed 8 people, including 6 women of Asian descent Vice President traveled with President Joe Biden In Atlanta to meet with community leaders.

“Racism is real in America, and it has always been. Alien exclusion is real and always so in America. Gender discrimination,” Harris said at the time. “The president and I are not silent. We will not wait. We oppose violence, hate crimes and discrimination anytime, anywhere.”

Last week, Harris convened a meeting with members of the Asia-Pacific-American Congressman Caucus, where she repeated similar feelings.

“I want to tell all Asian Americans to all Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. Our administration looks at you and cares about you, and you are never alone.” Harris said.

CAPAC Chairman Judy Chu, who attended the meeting, told CNN that the group had spoken about increased violence against the AAPI community, voting rights and language access, and expressed concern about the Covid-19 crisis in India.

“We talked about the significance of the situation,” Chu said.

Harris told the group that she recently talked to her aunt and uncle who still live there and she was worried about them. The Biden administration is facing pressure to share US excess vaccine doses with struggling countries. Mr. Chu emphasized that “the vaccine should not just stay in Delhi,” Harris said, calling for equal distribution across different regions.

Chu said Harris spoke in detail about voting rights, highlighting the swell of Georgia’s AAPI voters who voted for Biden and Harris, and for the first time since 1992, bluened the traditional Republican state.

“”[Harris] We sought this very strongly to talk about voting rights as the key to all the issues we face, “said Chu. “She said we need to get out there and draw a line between our voting rights and the way we make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Asian Americans represent a fast-growing population group in the United States, with more numbers revealed in the 2020 elections.

Harris is one of the highest ranked Asian-American women in the country, but Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders make up 3% of parliament. According to an analysis by Pew Research Center.

Katherine Tai, the Office of the United States Trade Representative, is the only Asian-American in the president’s cabinet. Last month, the White House nominated Erica Moritsugu as the AAPI Senior Liaison because of pressure from Duckworth and Hirono to increase the number of AAPI representatives within the White House.

Harris headlines unity summit for AAPI community Source link Harris headlines unity summit for AAPI community

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