Hard work and fine fruit results in five medals for Fresno State wines

Easton’s senior winemaker, Curly Curtis, was drawn to Fresno to guide his passion for science into a lifelong career.

However, Jordan University had to take a short detour from her first path as a pre-nursing major in honor of members of the research cohort.

“I loved the chemistry course in the first semester, but realized that the hospital setting wasn’t right for me,” Curtis said. “Fortunately, my dad suggested winemaking, and I was soon able to move on to another of Fresno’s top programs. To constantly check wine during the fermentation process. Includes a lot of the same training that we monitor different pH and acidity levels and potentially add others to polish it perfectly. “

Her appreciation for wine grapes began at an early age when she played in her neighbor’s vineyard. That career potential took root when traveling on a work phone with his father Brett. A graduate of Fresno State University’s agricultural business worked as an irrigation consultant, creating a vineyard system across the Central Valley and the Central Coast.

As a Principal Student Assistant at Fresno State Winery, Curtis has the opportunity to help grow her reputation as a top university winery. After the winery scored 5, the position was further solidified. Recent medals Wine competition of the San Joaquin Valley Wine Producers Association.

Fresno State University won two gold medals at the 2018 Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. 2019 Albariño gold medal. 2018 Alicant Boucher and 2019 Chardonnay silver medal.

Kevin Smith, Winery’s Marketing and Sales Director, said: “It also reflects the improved quality of our wines thanks to the hard work of our students, procured for us by our winemaker Tom Montgomery. It’s a wonderful fruit. ”

Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are made from grapes harvested through contact between industry and alumni in the Napa and Sonoma regions. Albariño fruits were harvested from the Saviez vineyard near the San Joaquin River. Alicant Boucher grapes were also harvested. Papani vineyard near Madera.

Campus winemaker Tom Montgomery said: “The rest of California has long been recognized nationally, and now the San Joaquin Valley is equally well-known for its unique varieties that are particularly good at our weather and soil conditions. increase.”

Some of these wines were also recognized by the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this year. The San Francisco Chronicle awarded Chardonnay in 2019 a gold medal, Alicant Boucher in 2018 a silver medal, and Barbera Presidential Reserve and Sargent Zinfandel wines.

Campus wineries want to add more in the future Wine award From two international wine competitions, the San Francisco International Wine Challenge and the Sommelier Challenge, which will be held later this year.

All campus wines are now Fresno State Winery Website It is also popular in wine clubs. Members get 20% off wine through the shipment of 3 bottles of 4 bottles throughout the year, as well as special access to limited edition wines and special events.

Members may have noticed that a selected group of campus wines are now wielding a black label. The redesign will introduce the wines that the members of the wine club will prioritize for the first three months after bottling. All the rest of the wine is available online, at Gibson Farm Markets, local stores and fine dining, including Harris Ranch.

With lots of new grapes arriving at the winery this summer and fall, Curtis will use the winery and lab training as a member of the Jordan College Honors Research Cohort. Fifth-generation agronomists study winemaking faculty Dr. Christie San on Cabernet Sauvignon vines and see how the treatment and aging of vine canopies affect the anthocyanin content of wines. We support.

Former Washington Union High School graduate and Fresno State University dancer Curtis has always been successful in multiple interests, so he is still working as a youth dance coach rather than gradual by workload.

“This year will be a busy year, but it’s very rewarding,” she said. “Walking from class or lab to the next winery or vineyard is a very exciting balance and I can’t wait.”

Hard work and fine fruit results in five medals for Fresno State wines Source link Hard work and fine fruit results in five medals for Fresno State wines

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