Hannah Wissmann: Jeremiah Duggar’s Fiancee Blasted For Lame Bachelorette Party!

For most brides, bachelorette parties offer the last chance to meet girlfriends, dance to nostalgic tones, enjoy the cosmos and enjoy a variety of penis-shaped sweets.

Some girls choose the strip club route, while many want the dongs to stay in the cake and confetti form.

Duggars, of course, don’t believe in dancing, worldly music, alcohol, or any kind of sexual activity that doesn’t happen between a man and a wife to have babies.

So when Hannah Wissmann designed her bachelorette party – her options were clearly limited.

Hannah is engaged to Jeremiah Duggarand while the couple has kept their wedding records hidden, it looks like the big day is fast approaching.

On Thursday, Hannah took to Instagram to share her enthusiasm with fans to complete the last-minute details before her bachelorette style.

The party looks like a weekend-long thing to come, but that doesn’t mean women are upset.

Hanna 1

No, when unmarried bridesmaids spend the night, it has less to do with avoiding DUIs than making sure the bride doesn’t break up by asking her fiancé to stop for a quick hug.

So Hanna’s guests started arriving yesterday, and the party continues all weekend!

Or, you know … at least until Saturday night at 8pm when the celebrants turn in so they can rest for a very long day of worship!

Hanna 2

Hannah is from Nebraska, but it looks like guests are coming from several states, including, of course, Arkansas, where the Duggars are building their homes.

It’s unclear what kind of party it will involve, but an Instagram user going through the handle of KansasHouseWife revealed that at some point, all guests will have to wear formal attire.

While it’s fun to imagine everyone dressing up for some weird, pre-wedding money management ceremony where a virgin goat or something is sacrificed, women are probably just sitting down for a great dinner or something.

Hanna 3

As for how they entertain themselves over the weekend – the details are hard to find, but you can bet the whole thing is a healthy autofocus.

People who have always had fun subreddit r / DuggarSnark have had fun imagining family-friendly parties:

“Fundie Bachelorette Party Ideas: Roast your upcoming bride with juice served in martini glasses,” one redditor wrote.

“I was wondering what they were going to do at the bachelor party. Take pictures of the glittering Grace juice and pretend to be indignant while giggling at the boy,” another commented.

“They paint your own pottery AND paint your own fabrics: maybe they make T-shirts and jewelry,” the third suggested.

Others imagined what gifts Hanna could have gotten before the big day.

“Bridal Shower Registry: 2 x double sheets for bunk beds,” one user joked.

Yes, it can certainly be fun to make fun of the Duggar family and their hateful, distressing beliefs …

And we encourage everyone to continue like that! What, did you think we supported those weird ones?

Hannah Wissmann: Jeremiah Duggar’s Fiancee Blasted For Lame Bachelorette Party! Source link Hannah Wissmann: Jeremiah Duggar’s Fiancee Blasted For Lame Bachelorette Party!

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