Gun and ammo sales high in some U.S. cities

TUCSON, Ariz. – Gun stores in several U.S. cities say gun and ammunition sales are on the rise.

At Diamondback Shooting SportsBen Anderson says there is no single explanation for the jump.

He says the war in Ukraine has increased sales of ammunition used by AK-47 rifles as these rifles and similar models are being used in the war.

This worries people with AK-style rifles in the U.S. that the ammunition they use may become scarce.

The shortage of supply and demand has led to a shortage of other types of ammunition.

Anderson says the pandemic prompted some people to buy guns and may now add additional weapons.

“Often, we had the first big dam of gun owners during COVID, and what we’re seeing now is the return of those people who bought a gun or a rifle or a shotgun. A replacement firearm,” Anderson said.

“So if they buy a gun, they’re here to get a shotgun, if they buy a rifle, here to get a gun, and so on.”

Anderson said that when the president is a Democrat, gun sales tend to go up, because gun owners are worried that gun controls will be tightened, and when Republican is in office, gun sales tend to go down.

He says Diamondback offers non-gun training and self-defense training, and the demand for that training has been steady for three years.

This story was first given by Craig Smith KGUN Tucson, Ariz.

Gun and ammo sales high in some U.S. cities Source link Gun and ammo sales high in some U.S. cities

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