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Two recent articles by The Reporter on the resignation of Las Vegas Raiders football coach Jon Gruden really point out elements of the current cultural war on American identity.

Gruden says he doesn’t want to be seen as a racial discriminator, a sex discriminator, or a homosexual hater, despite the fairly recent expressions of racial discriminators, sex discriminators, and homosexual haters. increase. It seems like a difficult move for many men of European descent. Give up the sense of privilege of white men. As author James Bradwin said more than 50 years ago, “white is an attitude.”

Especially pathetic is that Gruden is smart and energetic. He was able to achieve it in an equal competitive arena without harshly despising the people of the entire class. He may want to recognize that a small part of a large group sometimes behaves in a dangerously unpleasant way. Euro ancestral groups include Hitler, Mussolini and Rupert Murdoch. For non-Euro crowds, for example, Hideki Tojo and Idi Amin.

Half of this country is women. Most of our food was developed by Native Americans (corns, potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate, vanilla, etc.). American finances have made great strides early on with the work of enslaved people. Jackie Robinson and Juan Marichal have significantly enhanced and expanded their baseball characters. Most of this country was once part of Mexico. Half of the first transcontinental railroads were primarily labored by immigrants from Asia. It is a heavy American heritage that cannot be attributed to white men.

Racists, sexists, and those who act in a homosexual manner are less often referred to as a complete sense of American heritage. May Gruden embrace a broader, healthier and more accurate sense of American identity.

— George Carter / Vacaville

Gruden out of touch – Times-Herald Source link Gruden out of touch – Times-Herald

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