Group calls on the city to use the FEMA trailer as a homeless winter haven – Pasadena Now

Local advocates call on the city to use a FEMA trailer sitting in the Rose Bowl parking lot to provide shelter for homeless people instead of the bad weather shelter closed this year due to COVID-19 concerns. I did.

Raquel Calderon, founder of Pasadena For All, said: “A pandemic only makes things more dire. In peacetime, we look to leaders to improve the quality of life for everyone. In these difficult times, we decide on them. I hope to solve the problem to save lives and relieve suffering. “

The FEMA trailer was purchased by the state using $ 50 million of the $ 150 million coronavirus emergency funding package to purchase 1,309 travel trailers and delivered to cities throughout the state for use during a pandemic in March. Parked in a rose bowl.

According to Pasadena spokesman Lisa Delderian, the trailer is “in use.”

On Monday, Pasadena For All told the city council to stop quoting motel vouchers, tents and temporary housing other than those already requested by the city’s housing bureau, use of all vacant city-owned assets, etc. Asked to consider some alternatives. Housing, and other facilities, including trailers. The currently vacant trailer was provided by the state for use by the city as officials deem appropriate.

The group also called for safe parking and allowing people to sleep in the car overnight without being quoted.

“Pasadena for All is wary of the lack of a bad weather shelter in Pasadena this winter for the first time in 30 years,” a prepared statement said. “The city of Pasadena seems to have given up on finding an alternative to this coveted community resource. When winter temperatures and hostile breathing conditions overwhelm the backs of poor and sick people, Uncontained Pasadena learns that there is no shelter in bad weather. “

Bad weather shelters are usually activated by the weather and open in winter at the Church of Pasadena Covenant when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Celsius or there is a potential for more than 40% rain.

The shelter, run by the non-profit Friends In Deed, lost its place in the Covenant Church earlier this year. The search found another location, but staffing became an issue as the majority of staff said they would not work in shelters for fear of exposure to the virus.

To make matters worse, it is almost impossible to implement the COVID-19 guidelines.

“After sending an agency-wide poll, Friends In Deed said that nearly 95% of shelter staff are unable or unwilling to work this season due to a variety of reasons, including age and the presence of underlying illness. According to a staff report on the agenda of the city council on Monday, I live and take care of my relatives who are at high risk of getting COVID-19. ” “Similarly, relying on volunteers without an experienced service provider to perform these operations is neither practical nor wise.”

The council was scheduled to receive the latest information on the shelter on Monday and vote for the motel’s voucher emergency funding.

Rabbi Joshua Greater, Executive Director of Friends in Deed, said Pasade Nau Non-profit organizations We are teaming up with the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, which hosts dinner on Thursdays and Sundays. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, dinner has been changed to a takeaway meal.

The grater said there was a minimal staff of Friends In Deed to hand out winter supplies such as ponchos, umbrellas, blankets and socks. On Sunday night, a nursing student from Azusa Pacific University will come and have a medical examination. Influenza vaccination and COVID-19 testing may also be provided, but this has not been confirmed.

Greater inquired about the use of FEMA trailers, but said they were said to be unavailable so far.

“We’ve been working on this every week since June and asked about the FEMA trailer,” Grater said. “So far, they are said to be unavailable. It’s the perfect setup for what we want to do.”

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Group calls on the city to use the FEMA trailer as a homeless winter haven – Pasadena Now

Source link Group calls on the city to use the FEMA trailer as a homeless winter haven – Pasadena Now

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