Greece sets tone for Europe’s summer travel

Calimera And welcome to Europe Express. Tourists from Britain, Germany and other countries began arriving on the Greek islands over the weekend. Athens All restrictions on Covid-19 negative or vaccinated travelers (including Russian vaccines) have been lifted, regardless of origin. Let’s take a look at how this early experiment was formed and how the EU’s “green certificate” to be released next month will make a difference.

It also explains how to do that. Finland After four days of filibuster, including fairy tales and readings of Bible excerpts, we are back on track to give formal consent to the EU’s recovery fund borrowing.

But first, the news from Brussels,this is Cooperation with the African capital EU member states to increase vaccine production capacity in Africa. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will offer plans to support efforts at the Global Health Summit co-sponsored in Rome on Friday, European officials said.

Prior to that, French President Emmanuel Macron will invite several African leaders tomorrow at the summit in Paris to discuss the economic implications of Covid-19, including the financial burden.

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Summer trip

Write that countries, including Greece and Portugal, are already up and running their national system, while the EU reveals details of a digital platform aimed at simplifying travel this summer. Eleni Varvitsioti With Athens Valentina pop In Brussels.

Greece was the first EU member state to officially welcome foreign tourists last week as it seeks to double the profits of the tourism industry, an important sector that has been hit hard since the pandemic stopped travel. It was one of.

Tourists arriving in Greece need to be quarantined if they provide evidence of complete vaccination (including Russian vaccine), a negative Covid-19 test, or documentation showing recovery from the virus. lose.

Individual member states have introduced their own systems, as the EU-wide digital green certificate (which has nothing to do with the energy consumption of appliances) that incorporates the national system is not yet ready.

What is an EU Digital Green Certificate?

  • Digital proof valid in all EU member states showing that a person is negative, vaccinated, or recovered from Covid-19

  • The format is a QR code in each language and English

EU ministers gave a green light to the plan last week, but the final details have not yet been revealed, and some countries are pilots aiming to establish a final system by the end of June. I am participating in the exam.

Meanwhile, European Parliament, Commission, and member state negotiators are trying to revoke the deal for the final details of the certificate. Last week, one of the issues was Congress’s claim that the Covid-19 test should be free to avoid adding hundreds of euros to the cost of family vacations. Prices for the Covid-19 test range from zero in France to around 200 euros in Finland.

Visitors arriving in Greece must provide their contact information and final destination electronically so that they can be tracked as needed.

“Greece already has an internal green pass and will participate in this important European achievement from June 1st,” Tourism Minister Harry Theo Harris told Europe Express.

Greece’s 14 regional and domestic airports arrived last weekend at 23,455, indicating that Greece’s most profitable industry is preparing for a resurgence, according to the Ministry of Tourism. is showing.

Last year, the number of visitors to Greece fell by about 80% from a record 34 million in 2019 to 7.4 million. The Greek Treasury wants to reach about half of its pre-pandemic tourism revenue in order to get the country’s budget on track. ..

Given how important tourism is to Swath in the European economy, other capitals are watching very enthusiastically early experiments to resume.

Chart du jour: All flights arrive in Greece

Greece is Europe’s only summer destination, attracting more flights than ever, at least for British tourists. Some Southern European countries are rethinking their tourism strategies (Clarify the reason).

FI, for filibuster

Finnish parliamentarians wrote last week that they made some steps to dispel rumors that they were not a talkative population. Valentina pop..

For four days, Eurosceptic Finns Party members not only opposed taking on common debt with other EU countries, but also filled the time to read and speak fairy tales, hymns, and passages of the Bible. I did.

Even though procedural manipulations were less common in Europe than the US Senate, it was a classic filibuster move. “This happens once every ten years,” said Johanna Voorerma, a political scientist at Tampere University. Previous filibuster broke out in the early 2010s over the relief of the eurozone financial crisis towards Finland’s accession to the EU in the 1990s.

Finnish Parliament discusses four-day EU recovery plan © AP

Finland already has a higher hurdle to pass than most countries in determining the “unique resources” needed to drive the EU’s € 800 billion reconstruction program. Previous attempts by Finns-led opposition to thwart the initiative have succeeded in imposing a two-thirds threshold on actual voting.

But if the vote goes according to schedule tomorrow, experts, including Vuorelma, hope it will pass — even if some members of the ruling coalition have indicated that they may oppose it. In Brussels, which has been worried about the progress of the referendum on the unprecedented right to borrow from the Recovery Fund, the passage will be a great relief.

The resignation of Finns Vice-Chairman Zuho Eerola last week avoided an even more serious delay. He admitted that he could have used his procedural habits to delay voting for his resources until the fall. This would have caused a big problem with the block.

“It showed them going quite far, which is a strong idealistic position for them,” said Vuorelma. Filibuster may also have tactical intent, with the June local elections and the Finns Party’s first vote a few weeks before the debate. “Even if some party members resented the move, it certainly made them known,” she said.

Two things to watch today

  1. European Parliament resumes plenary session

  2. European Ministers Hold Informal Council

.. .. ..And later this week

  1. France hosted many African leaders for the summit on Tuesday, Italy and the European Commission on Friday Global Health Summit In rome

  2. EU Finance Ministers meet for informal consultations in Lisbon on Friday and Saturday

Notable, quoteable

  • The EU and the US will announce a truce on Monday in a dispute over tariffs on steel and aluminum during the Trump era. The deal means that the EU will shelve plans to raise tariffs on certain US products next month, giving both sides space to negotiate a settlement of metal disputes. (((Bloomberg)

  • Italian Minister of Digital Transition Tell FT Rome Correspondent Miles Johnson Why want to deploy a nationwide digital platform for public services as part of a € 248 billion recovery plan designed to rekindle the third-largest economy in the euro area.

  • French police report that Marine Le Pen is at the heart of a fraudulent plan to raise EU funding from the European Parliament. Journal Dudymanche..

  • The UK is less enthusiastic about Joe Biden’s global minimum corporate tax proposal, arguing that digital taxes should come first. (((Click here for details)

  • Polish government make a plan, Partly funded by the EU, will increase medical costs and reduce income taxes.

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Greece sets tone for Europe’s summer travel Source link Greece sets tone for Europe’s summer travel

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