Grape-killing insects could appear in California by 2027

Invasive insects could invade California vineyards by 2027, with the potential to seriously impact the winemaking industry, according to research from North Carolina State University.

NCSU researchers conduct research Found in Pennsylvania in the United States in 2014, the insect came from China and has reached at least 11 states, according to experts, KTLA’s sister station KSEE reports.

Researchers say the insects could reach California in about five years if efforts to control the pest stopped.

This is a major concern for viticulture.Could cost the agricultural sector billions of dollars

Chris Jones, first author

Besides grapes, cabbage can affect tree species such as almonds, cherries, peaches, and pine. Insects Kill Plants, According to NCSU Researchers by eating them and leaving a residue known as “nectar” Doing so may cause mold to grow.

The study suggests that California, known for producing about 82% of the country’s grapes, was identified as a location with a climate “very suitable” for spotted lanternflies.

Because the study was conducted in colder regions such as Pennsylvania, researchers are observing vineyard losses due to cold weather and lantern fly, so predicting the impact of lantern fly on the West Coast is difficult. says it is difficult.

Researchers in California say it’s unlikely to reach the wine region by 2027, but more likely by 2033.

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