Governor hints at near statewide shift to red, orange tiers – Solano officials say not here

The number of deaths from the pandemic is 156 locally, and 20 are still under consideration.

Fairfield — Solano County’s Covid-19 numbers don’t seem to ring yet, but this week Governor Gavin Newsom said that many of the states next week will move from the purple to red layers, and some counties. Suggested a transition from red to orange.

The county’s public health officer, Dr. Bella Matthias, did not understand the governor’s message and said there was no way for Solano to shift, despite a further significant reduction in daily case reports.

Solano reported 63 new cases on Wednesday, down from an average of 82 cases over a four-day period.

“It doesn’t make sense … His own rules don’t make it happen,” Matthias said of Newson’s comment on Tuesday.

“We need to be in the red for two weeks, but we’re not in the red yet,” Matthias said. “Unless they change the rules, again.”

Matthias said there were no reports of the event.

The county reported a total of 29,243 cases and added seven more Covid-related deaths. That’s a total of 156.

Two of the individuals were from the California Medical Facility in Vacaville: both men in their 60s. The other five, two women and three men were in their 80s and lived at home.

“Some of these are from December,” Matyas said. “Some of them stayed in the hospital for two months.”

He said he is currently considering 20 more death reports, but it is not yet known how many Covid-related reports there are.

The county also significantly revised the number of tests after learning about 30,000 individuals who appeared at least twice in state reports.

This brought the number of individuals tested back to 176,783 and the total number of tests performed increased from 674 to 269,936. Matyas said the latter numbers are accurate because they are controlled by the county’s reporting level.

The low number of tests also helped reduce the county’s 7-day positive test rate to 8.2%. This is slightly above the 8% threshold for moving to the red layer.

However, the county should have an average new case rate of less than 31 per day for a period of 14 days.

The number of people hospitalized for the disease was reported to be 72, an increase of one from Tuesday. The capacity of the intensive care unit was 41%.

Fairfield added 14 to a total of 8,066, and Vallejo added 23 to a total of 8,779. According to the county, Vacaville had 7,819 cases after 19 new reports.

Swiss City (2,002) has added one proceeding. Dixon (1,734) has added four. Benicia (841) and Rio Vista (315) each added one case. No incidents were added to the 87 reports in the county’s unincorporated area.

From 581 on Tuesday to 565 on Wednesday, active cases continued to decline, the county reported.

The county is hosting a number of vaccine clinics next week, including one at the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Fairfield and one at Vallejo’s Calmaritime campus, which is specifically targeted at the Native American population.

NorthBay Healthcare announced on Tuesday that it will no longer provide vaccinations to people other than current patients, but will continue to support county-led weekend mass vaccination clinics at the Vallejo trade fair.

According to North Bay spokeswoman Kelly Rhodes Poston, people over the age of 75 and people over the age of 65 with underlying illness were advised to arrange vaccination appointments through Solano Public Health. Those who have made vaccination appointments by February 26th can continue to make those appointments.

“Unfortunately, North Bay does not have the capacity to accommodate all visitors and we need to focus on the large population that serves directly,” Rhoades-Poston said in an email. “The Green Valley Clinic continues to vaccinate more than 900 individuals daily.”

California’s color-based surveillance system specifies a purple layer in the county where a new coronavirus infection is believed to be widespread. The purple layer county shutdown order is the strictest. The red layer is for counties where the virus is quite prevalent. The orange layer indicates moderate viral infection and the yellow layer is reserved for counties where virus spread is considered minimal.

As the county moves from purple to red, red to orange, and orange to yellow, the restrictions that slow the spread of the virus are relaxed.

Most people infected with Covid-19 experience only mild or moderate symptoms such as fever and cough. Some people, especially the elderly and those with underlying health problems, experience more serious illnesses such as pneumonia and sometimes die.

The majority of people will recover. The World Health Organization reports that people with mild illness recover in about two weeks, but people with more severe illness can take three to six weeks to recover.

Glenn Phison contributed to this report.


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Governor hints at near statewide shift to red, orange tiers – Solano officials say not here Source link Governor hints at near statewide shift to red, orange tiers – Solano officials say not here

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